Kimiperi x Anna Maiko

I'm so happy to announce my first art collaboration with all of you!
 One of my most popular portraits was painted by the talented lady Anna Maiko which just blew my mind away with its beauty and unique style. She sent me the original painting whereto I made a post here. A lot of my followers and fans have requested and asked if there’s any change to get their hands on this oil painting of me so we both started to mail and talk about it and decided to collaborate and release a line of 50 limited editions of this print, hand embellished and originally signed by herself. They are available since my birthday which was this Wednesday the 27th of September. A few are gone already but you have the possibility to order yours here.

Please share a picture with me if you are one of the 50 witches or wizards so I can show you my love and check it out to leave feedback 💕

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