Apple Juice

Photos taken by Layke Vermonde

Blue Hair Color - Lunar Tides in Cyan Sky
No Face Choker - Shop Chokers
Picnic Tee - iSmile Store
Black Denim Shorts - H&M DIY
Grid Galaxy Jacket - In Control Clothing
Holographic Backpack & Grid Socks -  iSmile Store
Pink Suede & Faux Fur Mondo Creepers - T.U.K. Footwear

In between grey buildings, flowers blooming in my favorite color. How could you not spot this beauty? "Babe let's shoot there!" so we headed off the way up there realizing I forgot the memory card for my camera. Oh no, stupid me! Luckily there was an electronic market just around the corner so I bought a new one just for this shooting. But hey, you can never have enough of them so I take this card with me now in my bag in emergency cases whenever I forget my main one. Also look how beautiful the photos turned out. The mood is just perfect. Also my outfit was so on point that day. Never thought I can match red and pink together. And strangely even my hair color match to the touch of blue in the shirt and the eyeshadow, not to mention the grid in socks and jacket. What an accident, what a blast! 


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