Moon Seer

Moon Seer Cardigan - The Rogue + The Wolf
Unplugged Woven Maxi Dress - Killstar
Plants Are Friends Tee - Boogzel
Matte Pinafore Skater Skirt - Black Milk Clothing
Tractor Boots - T.U.K. via Kate's Clothing

It's been a while ago again since I have visited the town where I grew up. Around a week ago one of my old friends was asking me when I come back for a shooting. Well, I honestly don't know when or if I will ever take a journey there again. I have lots of memories from this place but somehow it's not bringing me forward in life. Whenever I come back to Rostock, mostly I get welcomed with rain and a cloudy sky. This time it was not much of a difference. I decided to visit my sister and my dad as usual reason. When I arrived we luckily had sunshine and spent the day with my older sister at the beach which made me super happy! The Monday before I left again it was rainy but good enough to take some pictures of my outfit. Good point is that I could rock my new cardigan from R+W which is just pure aesthetic with its symmetric moon phases. Layered with this plaid Maxi Dress from Killstar which looks like a long vest. 
Now seasons slowly change again so it means cardigan and layer time. This R+W cardigan, whereto I have the second Moon Ritual version too are definitely my new favorite pieces for this year. You can hide so good under the huge hood while having big headphones on, listening to your fav tune under it what I recently do everyday on my way to work. Layering clothes is my worst obsession and I'm such a badass when it comes to this technique. Autumn comes with lots of feelings, mixed from loneliness to coziness. I'm kind of afraid, yet look forward to this season. Snuggling up with pumpkin soup and hot chocolate, video games and good animes just to mention a few things you can do. By the way, have you read about my two latest anime recommendation already? If not check out this post and for the anime movie this one.


  1. It's a pity when a town you grew up in doesn't bring joy. I can totally relate. You are awesome at layering and I love your Autumn recommendations.

    1. I think it's both, positive and negative. Some people can get stuck in their town and will never see more of the world. I like that it helps me to look forward, wanting to explore new places.
      Also thank you so much! <3

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