Blue Mirrors

Photos taken by Layke Vermonde

Glasses - Wear Me Pro 
Sleepy Hollow Abalone Choker - Shop Dixi
Wolf Head Necklace - Solrayz
Esoteric Crop Top - Disturbia
Kiss My Ass Acid Wash Shorts - Disturbia
Skirt which is actually a Cardigan - Vintage(Flea Market)
Floral Print Tights - TK Maxx
Aurora Frilly Ankle Socks - Killstar
Vegan Triple Platform Creepers - Underground England

On this day we went to a local flea market where I also took some things back home with me. Three shirts actually, two blouses and one oversized striped tee. The weather was amazing. Sunny and bright, so bright that I went for eye-catching glasses(which actually remind me of Prot from K-PAX again haha)a pop of color to my black look. I was wearing a new sheer cardigan that I found for only 2€ on another flea market before but turned it into a long skirt tied around my waist. I do that a lot of times, also with patterned blouses. It's an amazing way to open more possibilities. Remember fashion is endless, so are the ways how you can wear clothing pieces.



  1. You looks so pretty!! I love your blue glass and makeups.I also love to use blue glass and makeups specially my Liquid Matte Lipstick everyday. I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.