Wicked Witch

Pictures taken by Layke Vermonde

Eye Shadow - Lethal Cosmetics in Relapse and Rise From The Ashes
Lipstick - Lime Crime in Jinx
Black Loop Scarf - Weekday
Black Cat Cult Hoodie - Teen Hearts
Wicked Witch Tee - Teen Hearts
Purple Velvet Shorts - MXCI
Shoulder Bag - Vintage similar here and here
Vegan Boots - Dr. Martens

My friend Chris told me about this old house on the outskirts of my town, one room with a pentagram painted on the floor just in the middle of the darkness. Of course this made me really curious, I mean, how can't you get excited if you're into things like that? So we spontaneously planned to go there for an adventure. I jumped into one of the tees I got from Teen Hearts to match the mood. The hoodie I put on later is from that brand as well and exhibits my attitude very well. Along with comfy velvet shorts and Dr. Martens a simple, yet strong look. A touch of purple and yellow and a dash of glitter in my face to catch the matching color and the magic. I have to say that I really love this series. Might count to my new favorite pictures. 

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