Over The Sea - Leipzig Weekend Adventures

I know this comes with a little delay but my lovely friend Kinga from Rock this Runway came over from Manchester two weeks ago to stay at my place for a couple days. We firstly met each other in person at the London Edge in February but got to know each other through the internet before. Realizing that it is really possible to build up such a strong relationship with someone only through social media is fascinating to me and I never believed that it is really possible, yet it happened a few times already.

I picked her up from the bus station on Thursday evening quite late and we talked a lot till 2 am even if we both were super tired :D on Friday I showed her around the central city of Leipzig. Some shops like a crystal store where we both bought some for the personal collection. Monki, Primark and some other shops we wanted to check out together followed by vegan ice cream at Milchbar Pinguin. They had two vegan sorts, one the bittersweet chocolate which was so good and as dark as our goth soul 💀

Then we headed to the Grassimuseum where I haven't been before yet either so it was a nice experience to check out that place. A photography session called for us as I got a huge package from Disturbia the day before and we both took photos of our outfits. You'll see the pictures of the shooting in a future post! After that we had vegan pizza at one of my favorite pizza places here in town since it tastes so bomb and it's so cheap. It's called Osteria Pizzeria L'Arena. Only 4,50€ for a huge vegan pizza of your choice! I also introduced Kinga to Club Mate(you can see it in the first picture) which was so exciting to me as it is seemingly a real German thing :D It tastes really crazy. Most people(including me) say it tastes like cigarette ash with the first sips :D But it's not over sweet and so refreshing. You can decide between different flavors like coke, ice tea, original etc. My favorite drink whenever I drink something apart coffee and water :)
We went home very late and tired but super happy :D

On Saturday we went back to the city as I wanted to arrange a spontaneous tattoo appointment for her at my favorite tattoo studio. My own tattooist who also did my finger tattoos had no free time to tattoo me but another one for Kinga so my wish to give her a memory was fulfilled!

After that we went to the flea market at the Feinkost Flohmarkt which is actually my favorite from all here in Leipzig. Haven't been there for a long time yet though so it was wonderful to be there again and the weather on that day was perfect! We both bought something, Kinga got some fancy black Monki pants and I found a sheer cardigan. 

Hungry and exhausted we took the train to Connewitz aka. vegan heaven and the place where I lived in a flat share before I moved into my own flat. 
We decided for sushi so Vvasabi was literally calling for us. I haven't been there before so I couldn't say no. 

We tried out all sorts of sushi plus got the sweet versions and a little side smoothie to taste. We both totally agreed on our favorite Sate version! 

Also the sweet rolls were super interesting. Raspberry tasted like milk rice and the chocolate nougat one was crunchy inside because of the peanut brittle, ugh so good! Also a perfect stop to grab a fresh smoothie, especially when it is getting warmer outside now.

After that we went back to the tattoo studio for the appointment then back home to me and Kinga went to the Tokyo Hotel concert, the main reason why she decided to visit me :) 

I did some blogging stuff at home and after the concert I picked her up from a near station again. On Sunday we made a chill day in bed with a movie called Orphan, Tokyo Ghoul which I wanted to introduce to Kinga as I knew she will love it! Along with wine and ordered food(got vegan falafel burgers) It was her birthday also but who says you always have to party right 😋 

 Late in the evening she already had to leave again. I still can't believe how fast the time passed by also thinking of it while writing it down. I'm so thankful for the wonderful time we shared. I'm surprised and proud that my fear and anxiety left me completely alone throughout these days since I had a very bad experience the last time where an internet friend visited me but it was just the vibes that got confused with her, that happens. 
Kinga is such a wonderful soul and as we both share the same interests. I finally felt right being with someone. At the same time it reminded me how wrong I am at the place here right now since I know where my passion and heart truly belongs to. And I'm sure most of you know it as well as I wrote about that quite often in the past. My dream to live and move to England is just getting stronger again, even if I tried to erase it from my mind or better said to keep it in a deeper section of my head. One side tells me to stay here for a little longer, gaining experiences and more confidence, knowledge about living and everything, the other impatient part wants to satisfy the craving for the dream already. And right now these parts fight in my head daily while keeping me busy with jobs, business and my own reflection and identity(more about this point in my last look). But it's all fate and I can't decide over it. Right now I just let things happen at any place, hopefully just in another country or at least town. I'm just so open to go anywhere and there's so much to explore in this world :)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the last weekend and I truly look forward to see her soon again.
I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. And by the way, Kinga also made a super wonderful blog post and an additional vlog about the time which you can check out here on her YouTube channel :)


  1. You're truly Beautiful. I can't describe You. It was Lovely to read about your time with Kinga. It's so nice that You felt comfortable and good being with Her. And I'm extremely thankful for that/her because You deserve to feel that way and the fact that she made You feel like that proves a part of how Wonderful she (also) is. I'm super proud of You, as Always, You are Strong (indeed). I know that You're making the right choices and that You'll always make them. Try to stay calm and let 'life' happen (as You wrote), I know that You can do that! But You're not Alone & it's not bad if You 'fail' before actually letting go of control etc... so don't be hard on Yourself for that. I hope that You'll be able to live Your dream asap, but I do know that You'll live it from One day. And I'll do my best to make Your life as good as I possibly can.

    ~ btw. I've seen the Vlog.. and I heard your voice (sorry, I know that that might be scary.. I understand the fear of showing You(r voice) to others (on the Internet)) and I literally cried... Your Outside is Beautiful. You are Beautiful. Your Voice is Beautiful (aaah!). I could listen to it for Eternity.

    ~ +, your reply to my comment on Your last post... did You actually asked 'if I were real?'... Omg. That whole reply just made Me feel so ... Idk. You're sooo ah.. I can't.. I don't know what to say.

    Stay safe. Stay You. Don't push Yourself.

    1. ask*
      +, I 'forgot' to wish You a Wonderful & Happy Easter¡

  2. Ok... I can't believe I'm just commenting on here, even though I had this post opened for days and even read it few times!! You've putted so much detail and love and passion to this post!!! I honestly, didn't even expect for you to post about it, besides from the outfit photos maybe... I can't even tell you how much fun I had with you, trying the vegan food, Club-mate, shooting, getting to know Leipzig bit more, getting that tattoo, everything! Also getting to know you more and better and really seeing in real life how of an amazing human being you are and how much you care about this platform! It was so inspiring really, to be around someone who has so much passion and is so kind! I can't even tell you!! <3 Miss you so much and can't wait to see you again, in Leipzig, London who knows but will definitely try to see you soon!! Love youuu hun! <3
    Kinga xxx

    1. I'm sorry to (randomly) reply. We're strangers to each other, and I'm anxious of replying to you because I really don't want to bother (etc.), but I just wanted to 'Thank You'. Thank You so much for being there in Kimi's life. I don't know her irl, but I'd love to meet her one day and I've been following her for a 'long' time. I care 'too' much (there's no such thing as 'too much') about Her and therefore it means so much to me that You are one of the Souls who can make her feel good/happy. You're Wonderful, You truly are. I've also read your post (on your blog) about your time with Kimi and it made me Smile. I don't have words for how Thankful/Grateful I am for Your existence. I wish You all the best, You really deserve that. --- I hope You're feeling Good, have/had a Good day, and that You have enough rest (for Yourself). Never forget to always stay Yourself because You are You & that's the way it has to be. --- Sorry for this >.<.

  3. 😂 That was hilarious 😂 I love you