My Story About Small Boobs, Art, Confidence And Why You Should Love Yourself Too

When I posted this photo on my Instagram feed, someone left a comment with the words "no tits". I mean, I have received comments like these quite often before but this time I felt this strong feeling of happiness in me while reading it. I mean this true, happy feeling and the thankfulness. My mind was thankful for the fact that I accept myself while my body was thankful for being born like that. These both factors in one put me this huge smile on my face and heart. I said thank you, and so much people started to thank me back as I was helping them with my attitude.

I'd like to add that(at least to me) I'm not completely flat but don't have the "typical womanly size" that society expects. I'm sure the opinions will split as everyone has a different view on bodies.

This topic is really important these days and takes a big part in body acceptance. Some people told me they are very insecure about their small boobs and, believe me or not, when I was younger I felt insecure too. I didn't know much about myself back then. I just acted how I thought would be right without thinking much about my own gender or the feeling since I needed to gain these experiences first. So there was nothing wrong with that. And you're not doing anything wrong when you still not fully know about yourself no matter how old you are. Some people need more, some less time to figure it out. To me it is just important that your take time for yourself to evolve this confidence. You won't be born with knowledge but you will have an explorer spark in you, some appreciate it, others don't care that much.

Like I said before, I acted and threatened myself like a woman, yet I never had boobs means I felt super ashamed in any relationship I had with a boy. Also being around other girls I felt uncomfortable. I admired my best friend who had huge, nicely shaped boobs. I could never wear all the nice underwear, bikinis or dresses with a deep neckline. Well, I thought so, until I discovered push-up bras which solved that problem here and there, yet it didn't felt right. Knowing you fake something, then just imagine your boy will see you naked and the bust size is gone again. So I didn't stuck long on this method and I discovered my own, looking out for other pretty parts about myself that make up for it. I got a lot of compliments about my butt since mine always has been pretty nice, complimenting my hourglass shape. Same for my skin. People always complimented my soft and silky skin. So I still had insecurities about my small bust size in my teenage years but I told myself when people have a problem with that then they can simply fuck off and only want to fuck, right?

Censored to leave a bit imagination left in your mind, not because I'm ashamed or anything. 

After some years my shape changed and my boobs got even smaller. I got my nipple piercings done like three years ago too, which actually gave me so much confidence and probably the last key to accept them how they are. Like the cherry on top of a cupcake!

Today, not long time ago I finally came to the conclusion that I am truly not completely female at all. I was talking about that topic in this TOMBOY post already. You should read it to understand this all here better.
We know bodies come in so much different sizes and shapes, and each of them is pure art. The true art comes with confidence from inside. It's like you have a canvas, blank and beautiful. But you need the tools and your own confidence to paint something powerful on it.

 You were born with small boobs, now you have two options - either you wait and get a boob job to fulfill your dream or imagination of your ideal or you accept yourself the true way your were born and you turn this gift into a magical box of magic.

One another big topic that I appreciate so much about small boobs is that guys can't prize you high for your big tits. I truly find it disgusting whenever guys tell me that I'm hot or look sexy to them since I don't want to be seen as a sex object. I want to exhibit art and confidence instead. So, of course there are guys who love small boobs who will still call me that way but at least I can't get classified by society as a typical 'woman' with big boobs and curves, since this is not even me. I'm not saying that big boobs aren't beautiful, completely the opposite. 
You can wear so much wonderful clothes while having a nice cleavage. 
all these black and witchy dresses combined with pretty amulets around your neck.
Nice underwear and bikinis that compliments what you got.
Cosplays, man! a very strong point to me, just to mention a few examples. 

But since I was born the complete opposite way I was focusing on the positive points about having a small chest, means 
you can run around wild without feeling restricted. 
You can go out without bras which can be very uncomfortable. 
Nipple piercings look truly so beautiful on small boobs and 
you can wear long necklaces in layers which won't make a bend on your chest. 
Guys can't reduce you down on your boob size and it's easier to get rid of these "just wanna fuck" idiots.
Small or non existing boobs bring you close to this interesting line between being male or female.
They are truly beautiful when it comes to art and photography.

I could write down a million positive points about this. To me it is important that my words and my attitude will help you finding and accepting yourself the way you are. I won't be able to 'change' you, that is not what I want to achieve. I simply want to show you that I went through the time of insecurities too, we all will. But we all can accept yourself as well and there's always something positive about everything.

Imagine a female soul, standing there shy with a sad face covering her chest while some boys laugh at her. I would personally feel the urge to help, wishing to give her confidence.
Now imagine a female soul standing there with a straight and confident posture, smiling and being proud of her flat chest. Boys laugh, she replies with a simple thank you and they don't know what to answer anymore. Her confidence shining through her eyes and her smiling lips. Now tell me, what would you think? Wow, what a strong person that is!

That kind of reminds me a bit of 13 Reasons Why as well if you can remember. Just that it was more about Hannah's ass instead of her boobs. But this is another topic.

Love yourself, and your surrounding will love you. Appreciating you for your confidence and the vibes you leave in this world.


  1. Thank you so much for speaking and writing about such topics, helps me to get some more confedience about myself. But I'm still suffering from body image problems, like being not so skinny girl with small boobs. I see myself as huge bag of fat sometimes, and disgusting. Sorry for writing it here, but I don't have anyone else, and your post just made me nearly to tears

    1. Dear Anonymus!
      Please try to consider the acceptance of your body because you're the only one who can do it with some will! If you want it, you can do it. I'd describe myself similar to you because i'm not that skinny neither and i've small boobs but since i'm doing some workouts and i'm eating healthily it hepls my mind to be better and i'm thinking in another way of my body, too. I've not accepted myself and i'm not saying that you should work out. I'm just sharing my experiences. And the pont is that if you try to accept the way you look, you'll be happier and more confident and that's what matters that you're happy with yourself not that how you really look like. Because as Kimi wrote every people have different thoughts of the ideal body. There'll alway be people who accept and who don't accept you. And the other people, the world puts us in this situation. If it were just us in the world we wouldn't feel the weight on our shoulders about our look. But remember, that's not what matters, you are and your happiness what matters! I hope you can start the journey for a better oppinion about your body, wish you good luck!

    2. (sorry for my grammatical mistakes i didn't check what i had wrote before i sent it)

    3. Thank you also for leaving a comment and letting me know about it ♥ I'm truly thankful that I can make you feel more confident now! Also a huge thanks to the other anonymous person who replied to you. Such a beautiful text and wonderful words of advice. Couldn't say it any better. True beauty comes from inside, means if you treat yourself happy and with joy you will appreciate yourself and your body will be thankful for your positive mind. There's no thing such as fat, skinny, huge, tiny, whatever. There's just your soul and what you emanate. Remember, even people like me get judged too so it doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself, not what other people think. Like the anonymous said, which I find is a super beautiful and true fact:"If it were just us in the world we wouldn't feel the weight on our shoulders about our look. But remember, that's not what matters, you are and your happiness what matters!" THIS!! Keep this in mind. It is your life and you are beautiful the way you were born ♥ All my love and strength to you as well ♥

  2. . . .
    Very Powerful.
    What can I Comment to This?
    I'm just very Proud of You. for Your Confidence and Self Love.
    It's extremely hard to accept Yourself, but You can. This (also) shows how Strong and Wonderful You are.
    And I'm just so 'Thankful' that You exist. That Your Soul once became 'real' and then came into a Human Body - which is of course a 'cage' for the Soul, but that's another topic - for (almost) the same Period as I did. I can't Thank the Universe enough for 'getting to know You' (not IRL though... yet?).
    You're so Pure. Yes, It's hard to be Pure because of Society etc..., but You are one of the few Souls who have remained Pure and I admire that sooo much.
    It means so much to Me that You are here, trying to help Other Souls who might be struggling with (severe) problems. No one should Hate the way their Body looks because the Body does NOT define Someone. The Body can harm the Soul, but again... that's another topic?. It makes Me sick that Society has certain images of how a 'Woman' or how a 'Man' should look like and that You have to be 'either' a Woman or a Man... otherwise You're Not Valid(?). What if Someone doesn't feel like a 'Woman' or a 'Man'... that can happen and that is 10000000...% OKAY. The Soul does not have a Gender or a Sex, it can be Anything, it can Love Anything/Anyone. That also shows how Useless the Body is, when it comes to becoming Friends with Someone etc... Unfortunately, You do pay (a little) attention to the Outside of Someone when You fall in Love - but that's just another damage to the Soul, caused by the Body - but that shouldn't define if You truly Love that Someone or Not.

    I'm Sorry. I know Your post is/was (mainly) about Small Boobs, but the Chest is also part of the Body and therefore it also does not define Someone's Soul.

    I'm really Happy that You have/had the strength to Accept Your Body. And that You also have/had the strength to Accept Yourself. You deserve to feel Strong and Confident about Your(self) Body. And Everyone & Everything deserves the Same. Of course there are 'better' Souls than others, but that's also part of that other topic?.

    I wish that Humans could judge Each Other and Everything else LESS, and just live in Peace & Love... That might seem as a 'cliché' wish, but it's how It should be... No? Why do people feel the need to hurt Each other (and the Planet, etc.)... :-(. - It Hurts. and It Hurts that I can't change Anything.

    But Thank You so much for trying to help (Others) who don't feel Confident. I understand Everything that You wrote and I agree with You. I am also Something that can't feel Confident, but I don't see how that could change... That doesn't mean that Your post didn't do Anything to Me, it did and does Mean a lot to Me, but it's still Hard.

    I'm Sorry that I didn't make Any Sense :-:...?
    I don't know, I just started writing and My mind is quite messed up, so I'm not sure what and how I was capable of even writing Anything, but I did want to comment Something. Because It's an Important Issue, but also because I try to stay in touch with You as much as possible.

    I Hope You had a Lovely Day. and that You'll have a Lovely Night as well.
    NEVER change. Always Stay Yourself. You are Super Strong, and No one is Strong enough to change You. Do not do Anything You do Not enjoy doing, etc. I'll Forever and Always believe in You and stay (t)here - if that's not a problem ;-;.?.

    1. - Kimi. I'm sorry for asking this for the 10000000... time, but couldn't we exchange phone numbers? I don't trust 'Strangers' with My phone number and I never gave My phone number to a 'Stranger', but You are not a Stranger (anymore - actually... You never were)... and I know You are quite Busy etc., but I'd love to text with You from time to time, and get a little closer to You (though I already 'feel' that I can understand You - to a Minimum range). I'm always so excited to see a New Blogpost, A New opportunity to 'talk' to You... but then it's over :-(. Of course Your replies Mean sooo incredibly much to Me. That You (actually) take the time to reply to Me is also Something I'm Very Thankful for... And there's Something Magical and Special in 'keeping in touch' through Your Blog - because the messages are not only 'Hey' or 'Hi, how are You?'... but more deep 'Idk what's'... but I do think that talking to You could never possibly be like these Boring talks, even if You are Busy... because No matter what You write or say or think, It's always Something Wonderful. You are Wonderful.

      My apologies. >_<. <3.

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    4. Firstly, before I start to reply to you: Ignore the Anthony guy. He's one of my worst stalkers and a fucking creep. He even stalks my sister and my friends, now knowing that he traveled to Berlin means he's even closer to me. I keep it short now and don't want to go further into this but just ignore or block him(like I did on all my other social media accounts, even if he keeps making new accounts) :)

      This whole thing about genders gets me really bad lately. I met people who confused me and inspired me at the same time. I have learned so much, as well that I fall in love with a soul, not the gender, like you said already as well.
      I personally spend attention to the outside of someone because it is the reflection of the creativity and mindset. I'm not sure how other people think, if it's the same attitude just that they simply don't think about it that deeply but this is how I see it. For example, you can fall in love with someone's eyes, but not because of the color. More with what you truly see in it. Or the shape of a mouth, but because it is full of emotions and vibes, expression, history.

      About judging: here we go again with the positive view and side of it: People who judge show you what is special about you. It awakes the urge to explore and analyze yourself. We need it to grow up! The important thing here is actually to realize that!! to accept their words, to turn it into something positive again. Let it get through yourself and just say thank you. Thanks for their attention and their power they put into you. Life would be so boring if no one is telling anything. Well, I have to say that I was always the target(like in class or at jobs) the perfect target for people to judge. So I'm used to it and don't know how it feels like to be ignored or to live in calmness with society(if that is even existing?). That is why I can only speak from this side. So people who struggle with that can hopefully find a helpful conclusion in my words.

      You are still so young and you will learn about yourself one day too. Just live your life with open eyes and soak up the energy around you. Be an observer like me( I know you are one too) and make use of the tools and skills ♥

      To you second message: Well I can't give out my phone number anymore I'm sorry :( I am actually super overwhelmed with the amount of my WhatsApp messages and the phone calls I get each day. I can't take more lately. Please don't take it personal but I also need to learn to say no sometimes ♥

      I hope you have a beautiful day and weekend too, my little Philosopher's Soul ♥

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    6. Yeah. I blocked Him on Everything. And I did want to ignore Him, but it just really bothers Me that He can't just 'stop' with whatever He's doing.

      It truly 'surprises' Me that You can see Positivity in Everything. That's one of the hardest things, and even though I can't, I do understand Your 'Positive view' on judging. And In that 'case' I'm glad that You were a target to Others because that means that You were Very Special and Unique (otherwise others wouldn't have 'talked' about You), and You still are!

      And I agree on your view on the Outside as well. Especially Eyes can hide so many emotions, etc... it's like they show a part of the Soul that's living inside the Body. For Body and Soul are connected, in many Different ways.

      Your words (Always) mean so much to Me and I try to follow Your 'advice', but it's 'much' easier to Give advice than actually learn from it Yourself.

      - I understand Your 'No' to My second message. Don't feel bad for that. I can imagine how Hard it must be to maintain All of this! And I'm so proud of You for saying 'No' and for being Honest. Don't forget to take enough time for Yourself, to rest. You deserve that so much. Whenever You feel like You just can't handle Things (anymore), Stop with whatever You're doing that exhausts You and just calm down.. do Things You enjoy, etc. Try to stay Calm and Take Care. x

  3. A lot of respect!
    First of all, thank you so much for being brave and honest! I've started the acceptance of my body some times ago but speeches like this help me a lot. And i'm so glad you've accepted yourself, it's a very important step to feel better yourself. I've loved your tomboy post, too. I guess we have some things in common. I love the way you're thinking and i can't wait your next post. I'm always checking on you on instagram. Honestly, i love your fashion posts, etc. but my favorites are when you're writing about your soul, your feelings because they're so interesting to me. You're so motivating and a beautiful soul and body, thank you! ❤️
    Lots of love xo

    1. Ps. As you wrote that boys can't prize me high for my big tits. Well, you made me feel worth! And i've loved that you made me imagine the options of the behaviour with others who judge by your body and you made me smile with the second situation it also made me wanting the full acceptance of myself

    2. Thank you so so much for your honesty and cuteness too ♥ I'm really happy that you accept the way you are as well! And believe me, it's totally normal to have some weak days here and there. It's just a reminder about the progress you made!
      I really love to write about such things as I love to help people, especially why they can relate and leave feedback like you did. That is the reason why I keep up about writing and speaking openly about these topics so I'm truly thankful ♥
      I was listing some facts both, for big and also small boobs since everything has something beautiful ♥
      Lots of love and magic back to you and keep shining gorgeous soul :*

    3. Yeah and i'm thankful you keep writing about it❤️
      Yes, of course, you're right that both are beautiful! ❤️ I just wrote about small boobs because a few years ago i saw the advantages of having big boobs and only the disadvantages of having small ones but now it has changed :)
      You make me feel so good with writkng this way about my soul, thank you ❤️ wish the same to you:*

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  5. Beruhigend zu hoeren das so eine schoene sinnliche Frau solch Probleme hat, umso so toller ist es das du das akzeptiert und die positieven Dinge daran siehst

    1. Probleme habe ich keine ganz im Gegenteil, ich glaube das hast du ein wenig falsch verstanden. Ich denke aber ich weiß was du meinst also trotzdem Dankesehr! :)

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  6. I honestly think that you are beautiful and you shouldn't have had low confidence because of your boobs, I see them perfect in shape and size. I am 22 and my boobs are smaller than yours so due to that I always wanted them to be bigger... Even now I am very self conscious about them and often find myself crying when I am home alone. I do my best to be confident but I just can't... I don't see myself feminine at all even though nobody told me otherwise. I get compliments about my face, curly hair, small figure and round butt (which I've always hated) but I don't see anything beautiful or feminine about me... I feel like a little boy and every time I see other girls I feel miserable about myself and my chest. I've been with my current boyfriend for a year and a half and he often sais that I'm beautiful and he loves me for who I am but I hate the way I look and don't know how to boost my self esteem... The past months I got obsessed about this (I even get embarrassed whenever I leave my house) so I started searching online for some tips that might help me and nothing helped me...

    1. I think you understood my post in a wrong way. I don't have low confidence at all, completely the opposite! I just want to help people who struggle with that topic that's why I shared my story and helpful tips how to feel more confident :) You don't have to be 'feminine' to look beautiful. It's sad to hear that you feel bad being around other girls. I'm actually into the androgynous look that's why I feel like a little boy as well but love it! It's me! Your boyfriend loves you the way you are. That's already a great help to start with. There are actually loads of guys who prefer a more boyish look if that's the right word for it. But I understand your point because it all starts with your own feeling about yourself. I'm not sure how old you are but maybe you need more time to learn about yourself and to figure out who you are truly. Give yourself the time. Set a focus on other things instead of sobbing over the things you don't like. Shape what you have and what makes you special and the 'flaws'(in your eyes only) will become to a beautiful part of it! You will love yourself one day too believe me ♥

  7. Thanks for sharing! I just got my nipples pierced after battling self image issues due to my "flat chest". Its only been a fee days but I feel more confident already.

    1. Wow thank you so much for sharing it with me! Seriously I'm so happy you can't imagine. Just wait until it's completely healed. There's nothing wrong about having a flat chest. Small boobs are so beautiful. Every body is beautiful. You are as well KB, remember that ♥♥

  8. Thank you for the good read! :) Honestly, there should be so much more art there and it should be famous already. We live in a great age and we should have the courage to be ourselves no matter what. Our society is formed by the way we percieve it and I say that its about time we see a change. Its not us who have “too small of a chest”. Its them who think otherwise. We don’t need to prove ourselves to men or to the world, or try to be prettier. We are who we are and love ourselves with all the smallness we are wrapped in. I say we need more pictures as yours! You go girl!