Lucha Libre

Vintage Glasses - Vintage Second Hand similar here
Lucha Libre Sweater - Behind The Scenes
Matte Pinafore Pocket Skater Skirt - Black Milk Clothing
Ritual Ring Backpack - Killstar
Tractor Boots - T.U.K via Kate's Clothing

Photos taken by my friend Chris(@xthecurtainfellx)

You know I have this thing for vintage clothing and pretty patterns. Hard to believe that this one here is actually not vintage at all, yet looks like one of these crazy patterned blouses or sweaters you get in thrift stores. I felt in love with this beauty here immediately. The blue color is so popping and the yellow spots give it a springlike finish. But let's look closer and analyze the pattern itself which is designed by artist Sanz i Vila. It kind of looks a bit Aztec, and no I'm not even wrong with that. Lucha Libre like the name of the sweater, something new to me. I made researches and found out about this form of Mexican wrestling. Damn wrestling I tell you, it took a big part of my childhood. In kindergarten I was playing real life wrestling with a boy and friend of mine I even had a crush on haha. Was so funny because I was actually quite good at it as he complained of my hard bones all the time. Yup, you don't have to be a heavyweight to be good at it! ;D I have combined this sweater in a different way again to show you how creative you can be. Along with a feminine suspender skirt and of course platforms. The pony tail to give it a sporty and casual touch. Don't forget about the jewelry to bring back this vintage feeling :) And as we speak about feelings, Spring feels were super strong on this day! Chris(who took the pictures) and I just went around my area and found this cool path through a small wood. We even found a small tree house!Will definitely go back there someday and see if there are more hidden places around :) By the way, since it is the 22th of April today I wish you a wonderful and happy Earth Day


  1. Happy Earth Day(!). It's so Nice that You 'know' that it is This Day today. >_<
    I really hope that the Planet, and the Universe are going to be Okay/Good soon... And that the Living Creatures are going to live their Life the way they need/want to. Humans are doing so many bad things to this Planet, they are so Ignorant and Stupid... etc. BUT they are Not Strong. Planet Earth, Nature (and the Universe) is/are much stronger than these 'Mangelwesen'.

    I'm Sorry. I'm just very Sad and Mad about what Humans are doing to Everything (?, really). To each other, and to Everything else.

    Anyway. Your Outfit is Amazing. This Sweater is sooo Cool.
    No matter what You wear, You can make it look Magnificent. You can make Everything (look) Magnificent. Because You are. You (Your Soul) can't be described in Human Words (I've said that many times already, but it's just the Truth). Your Soul is so Incredibly Powerful and... I don't know. 'Great'. And Your Outside is also very 'Great'. Yes, it does NOT matter how You look like, but You have an Outside which is nearly as 'Great' as You (Your Soul).

    I Hope You have a Very Nice and Beautiful Day. as You deserve to have every Day.

    Never forget that it's not a problem if You can't 'finish' Something when You want to... Life is Hard, but You are Stronger than Life. and I know that You can 'Finish' that Something, eventually. Of course You have (high) expectations of Yourself, but even if You do not have that Something etc. 'done' atm, You're Still as 'Great' as You Always were and will be. You can Never 'Fail'. You should only be Proud of Yourself and take (enough) time for Yourself to rest. You deserve to stay and be Calm...

    I'm sorry that this is not Long (yet it might be better for You, that it's not so long). and not 'that deep'. I just don't know what I could to Write, yet I 'could' write a Whole (Long) Letter/Book about/to You.

    Lots of Love. - x

    1. Yes I came across that on some website or so. Didn't even saw it on Instagram first as most people didn't know about it I guess :o So was happy to share it and remind everyone. I didn't spent it like I was hoping as the weather was kind of depressing on that day. Usually I go out in the wood, just being for myself, breathing the air, maybe practising a ritual to show my love to the earth.
      I doubt that, if the humanity is continuing like that the world will be better.. a shame for single people like you and me..but understandable and deserved for the race overall.
      Mangelwesen, where did you learned that word? x)
      It is totally okey and normal to be sad and mad about this topic. I personally try to distract myself from it as it just connects the bad vibes to my sensitive feelings. Focusing on the positive and loving things is much better :)

      What do you exactly mean by finishing something? I just wonder how you come up with this right now. Life overall is like a painting to when I start painting something, I mostly end up throwing it away as I'm unsatisfied with it..then there's this full bin of unfinished drawings.. but I believe if some day you take it out will give you back ideas and it wasn't just 'for the bin'. To 'finish' something is a really interesting topic. Life itself, it's like I always want to 'finish' it..impatiently waiting for something but it's not death, really strange. Do you know this feeling? I live with that everyday but can't figure out what this is. I think I will bring this topic up later on my Instagram. Thank you for making me so philosophical. I should make you to my Philosophy Child now <3 or is there a better way to describe it? Will think about it! But no one else makes me thoughtful, creative and happy at the same time. And it's just about 9 in the morning here, that is usually a time where I never have these feelings, more like just tired and ready to work. You calm me down with this message. Even if I read it now a couple days later. You have affected me with it in a positive way.

      Thank you for your super sweet words once over again. You are truly ethereal <3 and it doesn't matter how long your messages and comments are. I'm truly thankful for every single word. Why writing a whole page with forced or untrue words, when there can be so much power in a 'short' writing? And you have the ability to transfer these emotions to me with your letters. Thank you for everything.
      Have a beautiful and magical day, unknown goddess from another planet <3

    2. Before I reply Anything else... I just wanted to say that Your words & thoughts are pure magic. & could it be possible to practise a ritual Together, One day? O_O.

      I have learned the word 'Mangelwesen' during Philosophy at School. I thought it would be 'cool' to use it, as I agree with the thought that 'Humans beings are Failed Creatures'.

      What I meant with 'Finishing Something' is that You always write that You push Yourself to overwork etc. & I just wanted to tell You that You do not have to overwork or put too much effort in Things because You can and will eventually 'Finish' Your work or task or anything. But I like Your idea about a 'Life being a Painting'. And I do understand your impatience to 'Finish' Life, in a different way than 'usual/reality'. I'm very glad that I could make You Thoughtful, Creative & Happy at the same time +_+, I have literally no idea how I did that, but You deserve to feel (Thoughtful, Creative &) Happy Every Time.

      Did You really just call me '(Your) Philosophy Child'? That's a huge honour. Amazing. You may call me whatever You would like to call Me, but Thank You very much for This... I'm overwhelmed.

      Of course! I would/could not write forced or untrue words about You. None of My writing to You is forced. Sometimes I just don't know what to write... most of the time. But Other Times I feel like I could really write an essay to You, and those words and sentences would be All True & Genuine.

      You are a White Fairy Goddess Witch. <3

  2. This is such an amazing outfit dear ^_^ It just so, I don't know how else phase it but, "you" it's dark, mysterious with a story to tell! I always loved the vintage vibe you had to some of your outfits, it really makes them stand out and this one looks like a perfect one! <3 The photos and the location fit it so amazing as well! Happy Earth day my dear! (belated I'm sorry!) I hope you had a wonderful one <3
    Kinga xx

    1. I love that you can find the vintage vibe back in this look. That is what I wanted to achieve here <3 thanks for the lovely and kind feedback my dear :* Wish I could've spent Earth Day together with you <3

  3. Beautiful!I love your outfits!