Actually I wasn't supposed to make a whole blog post about this now but since I am so impressed of it, I just wanted to share my latest exploration with you since I was looking for a vegan and cruelty-free alternative for ages.

I'm talking about NeVerMind Polish, a small independent brand owned by Jenn making and selling magical little potions, filled with more than just nail polish. I actually can't remember exactly how I came across this brand but I made own researches as I was looking for holographic nail polishes and I think it was on Instagram looking through the holographic nail tags.

Reading her story and passion behind this idea kinda reminds me of a Heisenberg living in the dungeons of Hogwarts. It's just so wonderful how much love she puts into her work. In general I'm not even that big fan of nail polish since I usually only go for black. I also never had long nails to paint, before I stopped biting my nails two years ago. You can read about the whole story here. Then when my nails were long enough for polish and wearing only black for like a year or so I decided to give some different colors a try. I went for grey tones, burgundy and wine and also dark blue tones. I mean, it's nice to change and play around with the color sometimes. I would never change my polish like daily or every second day. I mostly wear one color until it flaked off a lot, then painting the naked parts over till it starts to look kind of messy. 

So then I discovered NeverMind and well, yes, never mind my that I was thinking I don't care about pretty nail polishes. I actually felt in love looking at these beauties!

I chose her polishes in two colors, Christmas-Mass-acre and Hamartophilia, whereto I like to mention the crazy cool & quirky names which she mostly gets from inside jokes in her favorite TV shows. The names of products, no matter if it's clothing or the name of a candle are so important and make the whole brand so special(Let me put Ikea in here). The same for the packaging, where these bottles here look like little witch potions to me even if the brand itself doesn't meant to come off with a witchy vibe.

Below you can see some pictures and close-ups. Beginning with 


Left without flash - right with flash

Below Hamartophilia

Left without flash - right with flash

As you can see, my little finger nail broke off in the meantime :D So I actually wore the first color for a very long time as I don't wanted to remove it just for a picture and the review. It also lasts super long and I didn't even put on any second coat for protection!

Honestly I never thought that I will ever get a weakness for glittery things. I mean, I love to put glitter all over my face or to make it to a part of a look but wouldn't wear this on a daily base. These nail polishes actually changed my mind completely! It is also not like bling bling glitter, just a soft touch of magic in the formula. I'm bored of black, and this is like a darker color of black, if you understand! Like the cherry on top of a chocolate cake! 

There's just one thing I'd like to mention that I noticed after I removed the burgundy color with nail polish remover. My natural nails turned yellow afterwards but I was talking to Jenn and she said it might be caused by the nail polish remover as some don't really work good or cause some kind of reactions. I have read online that you can avoid that by applying a base coat underneath so it protects your nails and you won't have any stains. I just like to mention it as I'm honest with you and to help you in case you might experience similar things, also for other nail polishes. Jenn added to put on lemon or whitening tooth paste on your nails for a few minutes to remove any staining that was caused. Will keep that in mind for the next time! UPDATE: Yes, it was definitely the nail polish remover! I tried out another one( just a cheap from DM) and it didn't went yellow at all. Then I thought to get completely sure, used the other remover on two nails and it went yellow again. So in case this happens to you this is the answer and go for another polish remover!

Have a scroll through Jenn's website or her Instagram and tell me what your color enchants you the most or which name of the polishes is the most fanciest one to you! :3 I have my eyes on Pluviophilia because I love the deep blue cold color and the name, which means you are a lover of rain that finds joy and peace in it.


  1. I love these colors, your nails look great. I need to try this brand out.

    1. Thank you so much :) You should really try it! It's so good and I haven't seen anything similar in drugstores yet x

  2. Amazing review hun! <3 I love the purple shade you're wearing and I agree the name usually is what sells the item, at least for me haha. I love how creative and strange,maybe morbid like Christmas Massacre the names are, you don't really see these kind of names on beauty products, which is too bad, I feel like beauty products are just asking to be called morbid name, don't you? The photos you took go so well with the review, and I adore the cover photo, the R+W rings go so well with the nail polish and the scenery! <3
    Kinga xx