My Daily Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys! Today I'm gonna explain you how I keep my face fresh and clean and what you should really know about your own skin type. I have to say that I'm not using that much products as I prefer to use natural ways etc. but I'm satisfied with the products which I'm using at the moment. It took me time to find the right things but now I feel I have the perfect team for my skin.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash
I remember that I've bought this for the first time a couple years ago from a clearance but only because it was normally too expensive for my taste. But this stuff is seriously so amazing. When it was used up I have really missed it and wanted to buy it again but it's completely sold out in every single store. I'm not sure if they even still produce it but I bought a bundle of three packages on Amazon to have them in stock for hopefully a few years. I can really feel a difference when I'm using it. It cleans and keeps my skin fresh. Grapefruit in general seems to work really well for my skin type. I'm using it in the evening when I wash off my make up.

The Spin For Perfect Skin Brush from Vanity Planet
I got a Spin Brush from Vanity Planet a while ago, you can check it in this post and I'm not gonna lie and tell you that I'm still using it like every second or third day. It not only feels great on your skin, it's also so relaxing as you can feel how it exfoliate and refreshes your skin. I always have a smooth face afterwards and it seems to encourage the blood flow too. Now I got another set called the Ultimate Skin Spa System which is so awesome as well! I like this one even more because you also have a portable case which is travel friendly and you have everything at one place. I also like these brushes even more. It comes with a daily cleansing brush, an exfoliating brush and a silicone brush. You can order it here so you pay less than half of the usual price!

Penaten Baby Pflege Creme
I'm using this cream in the morning after I have washed my face with clean water and before I put on my make up. It's quite okey and doesn't dries out my skin. My mum bought me this a few years ago, only used it for my hands but found it in my storage now as I was searching for a moisturizer. I made some researches and will definitely buy myself the Skin Drink Moisturizer from Lush as it seems to be perfect for my dry skin and it is vegan too! I will keep you up on date about my experiences with this.

Alterra Nachtcreme Aloe Vera & Gletscherwasser
This is a vegan and organic night cream which I'm using daily right before I go to bed after washing and cleaning my face. A lovely girl on my Tumblr recommended me this stuff as Aloe Vera is really good, especially for dry skin. I'm still so thankful as this stuff rescued me and made my whole face so much fresher and smoother! I had problems with dry skin around my nose but that's fixed now. It is also available as day cream. If you have dry skin go for it!! And try out Aloe Vera in general. That stuff works wonders!

Coconut Oil
You can read about coconut oil probably everywhere. It's so hyped, but not without reason. I'm using coconut oil for my body after a warm bath. The smell is so heavenly and it makes your skin super soft. I'm not using it for my face right now as it feels like it causes a breakout afterwards. A lot of people swear on it though. Try it out for yourself!

The cute Cherry Heart Washbag below is from Skinnydip London. I'm not exactly sure if I will keep using it for my Lime Crime Velvetines plus adding my other cosmetics later or if I switch to my skin care products and washing stuff. No matter what you store in it, it is just so cute and kawaii :3 

My last tips come from my own experiences and what I have learned about care and my skin throughout the time

 One of the most important things is to find out about your own skin type. You can have dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, normal skin or a combination of different types. You can ask professionals for advice or you try to find it out for yourself looking on the internet about the features of each skin type. This page here is really helpful. I have tried out different things for my dry skin and some of them made it so much worse, that's why I'm mentioning this.

 Another helpful advice is to try out different products and don't be scared of mistakes. It took me years to put interesting and courage into care and I wish I had done this already earlier. You will probably always experience bad effects at the beginning but this is what fills you with knowledge. You will learn what your skin loves and what not. Also treat it like it's your sanctuary, it is it even actually ;)

 Spend a bit more money into products for your skin as it is totally worth it. 

 Try out natural products and avoid chemical ingredients. You can also use natural things like coconut oil or selfmade peelings with lemon and sugar(be sure it match your skin type).

 What I can also really recommend is to make a steam bath for your face. I have done this for two times now and it is so damn relaxing and gold for your skin. I always do that if I feel uncomfortable with myself or if I tend to breakout. Simply take a deep bowl and fill it with hot, steaming water and be sure you clean your face from make up before you start. Some people add herbal oils or stuff like that to the water but that's not a must. Put your face over it in a distance of like 20 centimeters and put a towel over your head so the steam can't escape. Do that for about 10 to 15 minutes. You will sweat as heck but that's how it works, you can feel it. Listen to some music meanwhile or enjoy the silence. It is always like meditation to me Clean and refresh your face with cold water afterwards!
 But most importantly, Beauty comes from inside so your nutrition and surroundings that cause inner stress or pressure can change your skin as well. I am personally really susceptible to stress but I'm sure I will learn how to control it over the time too.

I hope this is helpful for you. Speak to your friends or people who have similar skin. You can exchange tips with them, you actually get advice for yourself and you share help as well :)


  1. Thanks so much, I'll try this out! I've been looking for the right steps to take to finally have clear skin. PS: I've never seen your face without makeup before, you're insanely Cute!!! ��

    1. Thank YOU so much for your interest! I'm sure you will come to it soon :) and thanks a lot again ♥ I honestly prefer to wear no makeup at all :P
      Much love to you ♥

    2. Anthony BrummettJuly 13, 2016 at 1:12 AM

      There are lots of photos just look up Kim Marie Mandy Menz or keep looking for Kimiperi... There are nude photos. I don't like those to much... Oh well, not my business.

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