An Apple A Day Keeps The Dr. Away

Green Crystal Choker - Shop Chokers
Serpent Necklace - Killstar
Garden Of Eden Shirt - Bis Zur Raserei
Floral Print tights - H&M similar here

I'm wearing a new shirt from the latest collection by Bis Zur Raserei. You can check out my last shooting for them here. This new design is so beautiful to me. A snake on the front, my favorite animal, my spirit animal to be exact. A huge apple tree on the back embraced by a snake as well. The fit of the shirt is also so awesome as it's a bit longer and it's made out of organic cotton too, so soft and comfy! Please have a look at the other stuff. This brand is just so awesome to me, small but different and special and it's all vegan and environment-friendly! Also a big thank you to the lovely owner Sidney, I really hope to meet you in Berlin very soon!! ♥

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