Dyeing my Extensions with Arctic Fox Aquamarine

Ohayou! :3

I got my package from Arctic Fox to give my hair a little special but I had the idea to try it out on my VPfashion extensions first. You can check a post about the extensions that I made before here. I came across this brand on Instagram and was so impressed of their radiant hair colors. It's so hard for me to think about something else than white or silver on my hair but changes are so important and a bit of color is never wrong. So I dyed a few of my hair extensions to see how it turns out. I got me two bottles in Aquamarine blue which came along with some cute stickers.
One positive point about this hair color is the damn good smell! It reminds me of bubble gum or something, just a beautiful smell, especially because most of these hair colors from other brands smell terrible. 

As you can see, the color is simply amazing :o Kind of plastic-looking as it is so intense. I have mixed it with conditioner and it's still super strong! I left it in for about a half an hour. Right now I can't say how long it lasts in your hair after washing it but will keep you updated in case I dye my real hair. 
You can check out their website to see all of the available colors. The decision was just so difficult! They plan on grey-silver hair dye as well which I'm so damn excited about. I will definitely try out that one asap! I have used other hair colors like from Directions or Stargazer, all of them are okey but not that stunner you know. It's important for me that it's vegan and cruelty-free, what is this brand too of course so I can totally recommend it! 


  1. Really beautiful color, I want to try Arctic Hair colour, next time I dye my hair I think I'll try this brand.

  2. OMG...this color is really cool!! :D