Badge Me Up

Vintage Levi's Jeans Jacket - Mom's, similar here
Leggings - H&M
Vintage Backpack - Flea Market, similar here or here

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I mean, vintage clothes like denim jackets, especially if it's Mom's are already so cool but rad badges and patches pimp up your piece to the fullest and make it totally unique! And yes you hear right, it is completely unique and personal so you can be totally sure that no one else on this earth has it exact like yours, except someone makes the effort to organize all the same accessories but I doubt that. I begin to pimp up mine with these cool badges from Tibbs and Bones. I got me more different patches over the time which need a new place as well :) 
Do you also have a clothing piece full with badges or patches? Please let me know and send me over a photo. If I collect enough I'd like to share a post featuring your rad piece!! ♥


  1. Hey, I love your style and was wondering if you've ever considering doing YouTube videos. If you ever start one I would love to watch it and definitely support your channel.

    1. Hey thank you so much :) I still don'T know if I will ever make Youtube videos but I'll keep it in mind, your support would help me so much ♥