DIY Cropped Grunge Sweater

I have already seen this style a few times before but I never had a sweater that was good, or better said, old looking enough to try it out until I found my basic burgundy H&M sweater which I bought in the sale section last year in Rostock out of necessity because I was suddenly freezing and needed something warm. 
I didn't like it at all when I put it on now. It's simply way too long and looks like a bag. Too sad because I love to color and the fabric is so comfy. So I tried it on and had this idea to just cut it off like, why not?

I have made this little tutorial for you. It's not really a tutorial as it's so easy and you don't really need much, just the guts to cut that shit off. But I hope it gives you some new inspiration and courage to try it out as well!

All what you need is your old or new whatever sweater/hoodie, maybe a few pins and a good scissor. I always use my special textile scissor, left-handed to be on the completely safe side. It's good to avoid those corners while you cut, I hope you know what I mean.

I took a before pic for you, don't wonder this is just how I look on my lazy days with unstraightened hair and baggy clothes. As you can see, it's simply too long and has a strange shape.

Begin with trying on your sweater and mark the new length with a few pins. Take it off again and lay it down on the floor or on a work space. Now grab the scissor and cut it off. Just cut it and, very important! don't worry if it's not perfect! I know a lot of people struggle with perfectionism, me as well but in this case you can stay messy as this is how grunge looks like. The length is completely up to you, as well if you want to cut it straight or if you want to keep it longer in the back. you can also cut it diagonally. Just keep sure that you don't end up too short to leave some fabric for your boobies :)

And here you go! So simple, so easy. I might even cut it a little bit more shorter than pictured. 

I hope you like it. Try it out and please tag me then. I'd love to see your pretty selfmade pieces as well! 


  1. Erstmal finde ich, dass dir das Outfit so hervorragend steht und die Farbe ist wirklich viiiiel zu schön!

    Hast du zufällig noch den restlichen Stoff? Ich suche seit Ewigkeiten einen, um mir eine kleine Tasche zu nähen. Würdest du den unter Umständen hergeben? (gegen kleineren Betrag, versteht sich)
    Liebste Katzenlady- Grüße

    1. Hey vielen lieben Dank!! ♥
      Ich habe den restlichen Stoff wirklich behalten :) Würde ihn dir gerne zukommen lassen, finde den Gedanken toll dass du daraus noch etwas zaubern kannst ♥ Schreibe mir am besten mal, wenn möglich eine Mail :*

  2. Sehr gute Entscheidung. Sieht gut aus!

  3. You look wonderful as always and it looks really nice on you. <33