Love You to Death

Happy Valentine's Day Guys! 

Especially to those who have to spend it alone like I do. What are your plans for today? I think I'm gonna redye my roots and chill out in bed watching animes and drinking green tea. Valentine's Day always makes me thinking of the cute scenes in animes where the girls give chocolate presents to their beloved ones. Like in one of the latest I watched called Ore Motogatari!!. I'd probably do that as well if I would have those people around me. But hey no guy around means less problems hah! I'm enjoying the day and don't make a big thing out of it. Anyway, look at that cute 'Love You to Death' jewelry casket which I got from Regalrose, isn't it damn awesome? Finally something where I can carefully keep my gems. It even came with little dried rose petals in it!
If you haven't seen my new nails from Rave Nailz yet you should check out my video, they are just so amazing ♥ Enjoy your day and remember



  1. Aah, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sorry you have to spend it alone (Me too), but I know you can also have a great with yourself and just do whatever you'd like to do xx I Love You to Death ♥︎

    1. Thank you sweetheart! Enjoy your day as well, I'm thinking about you! ♥♥

  2. Oh ja sehr niedlich der kleine Sarg hehe und schicke Nägel

  3. Fröhlichen Valentinstag (fast schon nachträglich, aber egal)! Ich hatte auch keinen Valentine, war stattdessen beim Basketball :D Ich liebe deine Nägel btw, so schön!