How To Combine Blouses and Sweaters

One of my favorite styles is to combine blouses with a collar, no matter if simple in color or with rad patterns combined with a cool crew neck. It's just important that you don't mix too much colors or patterns together. I got this cool white and elegant blouse from Morph8ne with their brand name in letters on the collar. I thought it would look amazing under a black sweater, this time with the Return To Our Roots crew neck by my fellows from Stay Creepy Clothing which you should already know if you follow me for a while.
You may think blouses are just for commercial or festive events, not if you style it right. Just take one of your old blouses, no matter if it's gifted from your granny, vintage or new and grab a cool sweater.

Malala Septum - Lotus & Co.
Morph8ne Class Crop Top Shirt - Morph8ne
We All Return To Our Roots Crewneck - Stay Creepy Clothing

Get a bit creative and try out to pull those two things together. It's amazing what new and cool outfits you can create with it! 


  1. Das sieht großartig aus

  2. What would you combine with low neckline? This always seems so hard for me. But to be honest I'm not as far as creative&fashioned as you, beautiful are. :)

    1. Do you mean low neckline sweaters? :) I don't wear low neckline that often but I would definitely combine it with a few necklaces in different lenghts x I find it strange to show off my bare neckline so I would cover it with jewelry or with another top that has lace details, depending on the shape of the neckline. Hope that helps you a bit x Believe me you are more creative and fashioned than you think, all what you need is confidence, that is the key ♥

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