Black and Silver

High Neck Crop Top - Asos
Crescent Moon Necklace - similar here
Black Studded Leather Shorts - H&M similar here or here
Wulfrun Platform Creepers - Underground

Black black black..and..a touch of silver! Black outfits are always the best but if you add a little special to it, no matter if it's a crazy patterned bag, a funky necklace or a colorful hairstyle, it will gives your outfit that eye-catching key effect! I really love this outfit because of the silver details we can find in the necklace, the studs on my pants, in the pattern of the top and my silver mane. It might be also my new creepers which I can't stop wearing anymore ♥


  1. Your Outfit is wonderful and it looks even more wonderful on You¡ I miss you so much (yeah, Ik, we haven't met or anything, but Idk). What is the best way for us to talk to each other?? (Because I'd really like to talk to you and I'm sorry if you don't.. sorry)
    How was and still is your day (I hope great)!? x

    1. Hey dear x I think the best way is if I just come over to you and we meet each other in person!(I'm serious) My day was fine, watched two movies which were quite good. I hope yours was good as well ♥ Hugs to you :*

    2. Aah, that would be so amazing! I really want to meet you, but We only have to wait +/- 2 years or so and then I'm also old enough to travel on my own and almost done with school, so yeah (until then, I'll just keep looking at and reading your amazing blog and probably daydreaming about the day when I'll finally meet you :-).) x That's really good to hear c-:, My day was, well idk, but at least yours was fine. *Hugs Back* ♡ {I already replied but it didn't send :-/.}

  2. Love your Necklace

  3. I love your body, your tattos, your piercings. You are perfect girl♥♥♥