The Blue Deep Sea Witch with EvaHair

Black to Blue Ombrè Wig - EvaHair
Lenses - Pinky Paradise
Velvetine Cement Liquid Lipstick - x Dollskill Lime Crime
Bat Necklace - The Moon Label
Neo Maxi Mesh Cover Dress - Dollskill Lip Service Cult
Pentagram Tights - Dollskill
Platform Buckle Boots - Ebay

Let's churn up the cold vibes with EvaHair who has sent me this awesome wig which is like my grey ombrè one but in a different color. The quality is outstanding, the best you could ask for! Not to mention the amazing color gradient. Perfect to turn me into a dead and pale Deep Sea Witch! Along with a poisoning but protecting Snake Ring, a Bat Necklace, Grey Velvet Lipstick and lenses from Pinky Paradise. Leather Skirt, a Mesh Dress by Lip Service, Pentagram signs on my legs, Platform Boots and a pretty Pumpkin to finish the look! *x*
I honestly wouldn't wear this one daily in public but I will use it for different outfits and cosplays! 
Thanks a lot to EvaHair, please check them out as well ♥



  1. You look gorgeus and I fricking love that lipstick *__*

    1. Ohh thank you so so much babygirl!! And yes the lipstick is amazing! I can really recommend it ♥

  2. I'm in love with this pretty perfect wig!
    You look really beautiful and cool with it *-* your style is always amazing!
    Beautiful photoshoot <3