Pinky Paradise Kawaii Lenses Review

Hey Guys! Today I wanna show you something new, always wanted to try them out and to use them additional to my styles - circle lenses! They take an important part in cosplays, pimp up your Halloween outfit or can also enlarge your eyes for a cute but natural daily look!

I chose two lenses from Pinky Paradise which I want to introduce and review for you. I have tested them in color and design, enlargement, comfort and my overall opinion.
Both of the lenses are pretty simple in compare to other lenses from Pinky Paradise. I really like their huge variety of lenses, range from natural looking ones to the perfect, literally eye-catching cosplay lenses. Apart from that they also offer things like eyelashes, makeup and wigs. I just had a bit of problem to get a good impression of the lenses as I have light blue-greenish eyes but most lenses have "Real Life Photos" from customers where you can get a better view on mostly both, dark and light eyes what is a really cool and important thing to me. Another thing that makes me really happy is that I have the opportunity to choose the lenses in my prescription!

This is what came in the package:

The first pair of lenses I chose are the Geo Ultra CK105 Lenses(XCK105)

The second ones are the Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)

They came with two lens cases in super cute colors! (。・ω・。) 

Opening the bottle is a little bit new to me so I'd like to share a little step guide in pictures for you in case you don't know what to do:

There are little arrows on the bottle, that's the point where you have to open up the cap. Now you can see the silver metal tape. Just continue to remove the cap and also peel off the metal ring. Be careful because it's a little bit edgy! After that you can lift up the white button and Tada! ಥ‿ಥ)ノ

When I was like 15 years old I had my first pair of contact lenses from a random brand, one pair was for a brown eye color and the other for my vision. The worst thing was to put them in as I was really impatient and probably also did something wrong. Especially the vision ones were really uncomfortable and I couldn't even wear them to school anymore. 
This time it was way easier to put them in. It's important to stay calm and the more often you wear them the better you will get used to it! 

I think it goes without saying but put the lenses in before you do your makeup! It's possible that your eyes get teary and your makeup is done and secondly to avoid little particles of makeup and dirt in and between your eyes and the lenses.

Let's begin with the Geo Ultra CK105 Lenses(XCK105)

You can see more photos of this series in my following post

Color and Design: 5/5 They are darker than expected but I think it's because I have really big and dark pupils so it looks like I have completely black eyes, especially when the lighting is gloomy. I wore them on the following they as well where it was very sunny outside and went out in public. On this day they looked really awesome because my blue eye color was visible. I also feel much more comfortable in public because I'm able to look into other people's eyes easier again, not only because of my better vision but my eyes feel so full of energy!

Enlargement: 5/5 They make super pretty and huge eyes! (。◕‿◕。)

Comfort: 4/5 I could wear them for one day straight without any problems. They are super comfortable and perfect for a daily, natural look!

Overall Opinion: 5/5 I'm really happy with these lenses and the best thing is that I can wear them in public as well.

Next I tried out the Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)

In sunlight 

Color and Design: 4/5 They are pretty similar to my current eye color and the brown sprinkles are not as strong as expected. They give my eyes a stronger and detailed touch and it's more focused on the structure than on the color.

Enlargement: 4/5 Not as strong as my first pair but very enlarging as well!

Comfort: 4/5 I wore them for one day and these are also very comfortable but not as comfortable as the first pair. I'm not sure if it was just because my eyes were more dry throughout that day or maybe because the lenses are a tiny bit larger in diameter. Anyway, it's from the same brand GEO so I guess it doesn't makes a big difference.

Overall Opinion: 4/5 These lenses are also really beautiful. I love the details and they are very natural-looking, especially along with my eye color. The brown sesame sprinkles give your eyes a special touch.

I'm really happy with both lenses, especially with the first ones which I already wanted for so long! I will definitely wear them more often now, along with my outfits but also in public. 
A big thank you to Pinky Paradise again! Please check out their page, it's totally worth it, not only for cosplayers!


  1. I really love both designs and colours, they look really good on you!

  2. Ich sehr lieben beide Designs und Farben Deine Stilart, sie sehen wirklich gut aus auf Sie!