Live Long and Stay Creepy

Hey Guys! I really love the autumn time but the fact that the days are getting shorter and darker again makes me feel like a lazy bear. Not only that I'm so tired and in constant cuddle mood, it's so hard to take photos in the gloomy light and in the cold air outside. I love being productive but I feel a bit restricted due this time of the year, nevertheless trying my best to keep myself busy with my photography. Apart from that I want to give my own jewelry another try. I started with wire wrapping once if you can remember back but it's not the right thing for me. I really love wire wrapping pieces but it feels, let's say, kind of harsh to me and my hands. I have seen another kind of jewelry handwork a few times already and I think this might be the right technique for me which also fits to my ideas and my personality. I'll keep it as secret now but I can already tell you it will be really magical and dreamy. Also possibly including Ghibli and Kawaii designs :) I'm sure you will love it! I will begin to sell them on my Instagram shop at @shopblackrush and if it works well I'm going to open a real online shop. I'm waiting for my ordered materials now and keep you op on date! ♥

"Chill" Pom Beanie - Stay Creepy 
"Trust No One" Baseball Tee - Stay Creepy
Black Jeans - Monki
 Live Long Cinch Bag - Long Clothing

I have kept this look really simple as I wanted to set a focus on my makeup. I went for purple and silver eye shadow to create a harmonic way to the silver hair in contrast with black and white clothes. I grabbed my favorite Stay Creepy stuff again, black denim and my very first cinch bag from Long Clothing that the designer and friend from London gifted me at my departure day :3 
All what I can say now is Live Long and Stay Creepy ♥


  1. Wie bekommst du nur deine Haarfarbe so hin ? �� Bzw welche Farbe benutzt du ?