White Silver Angel Hair with VPfashion Extensions

Hey Guys! I wanna show you my new extensions from VPfashion and what I have done to match them to my current white-silver hair color.

The extensions arrived in a stable little box, good and safe packaged. I have got the clip-ins in white blonde color 613A# in 24 Inches(220g). By the way, the customer care is really awesome and you'll always get a quick and kind answer in case of questions, that's what I really want to commend :)

They are pretty yellowish at the beginning but that's no problem as you can dye them for yourself in the color of your wish! You can use directions or any other dye. You can straighten, curl and style them however you want as they are heat resistant and made out of real hair.
They're also so soft and the condition is stunning! I was so surprised about the amount of hair and was very relieved as my own hair is also really strong and thick.

Now we are coming to my dyeing process:

I tried out a few different methods which I have seen in different Youtube videos from other bloggers before:

1. Mix conditioner with silver shampoo and brush the mixture on the extensions.
2. Fill a sink with water, add a few drops of silver shampoo and leave the extensions in it for a while.
and the last, best working method for me 
3. Wash them directly with silver shampoo with your hands.

So at first I took the smaller hair strips and tried out what works best for me and decided to continue with method three on all extension pieces. 

I'm actually using a silver shampoo by L'oreal. It is really good but it's not cruelty-free! :( But I have heard about one by Paul Mitchell, I think you can expect literally the same results like with the one from L'oreal.
Massage the silver shampoo carefully into the extensions, and I mean really careful to avoid blue or purple spots. I left it in for around 5-10 minutes, it depends on how silverish you want it. Rinse it well with water and let them dry for a few hours or wait till the next day like I did.

Et Voilà! 

On the photos above I have left them straight but styled them afterwards to make them looking more natural. You will see the difference in my next posts and outfits!

I'm very happy with the result since these are my first extensions ever. I'm a big fan of wigs what you should know if you follow me for already a while but sometimes wigs can be really annoying and uncomfortable and you have much more style and color opportunities with extensions.

I also plan to play a little bit around with my hair color in the next time including the extensions. They already give me great opportunities for different hair styles like braids, curls, dreads and stuff. Maybe I'll dye my roots black and the rest of my hair a tint more darker into grey. I'm not sure yet but I will keep you up to date and post my ideas and progress. 

I hope you like it!

And by the way, if you use the code "kimiperi" at VPFashion you will save 7€ off your order!


  1. Velen lieben Dank für den lieben Kommentar hübsche ♥

    Liebe Grüße (:

    1. Dankeschön Lou, ich bin wirklich nur ehrlich ♥

  2. They look beautiful *___* I love your hair so much, I would like to have it white too ; ;

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