Hamburg City

This weekend I had the possibility for a spontaneous trip to Hamburg. I was there a few times before already but couldn't see much and always left the town with a strange feeling. Luckily this time it could change my mind. On top of that I could finally meet my friend Aili after years of texting and chatting over the internet. My first path after arriving led me along the harbor to the Cafè Liberty, a really small and cute shop that offers vegan cake, coffee and ice cream in a beautiful location. Of course I bought a sundae, not with three scoops of ice cream but four because I couldn't decide between all the yummy flavors haha.

Later I met my friend and we chilled in a park with his friends. On the weekend we spent time exploring the city, enjoyed wine and movies, went to "Planten un Blomen", especially the Chinese garden there was so beautiful ♥ and after all we had an awesome dinner at "Hans im Glück" and I tell you the sweet potato fries were to die for! I'm so thankful for the wonderful time, it was so eye-opening and I could finally see Hamburg from another side.

Cafè "Liberty"

"Hans im Glück"

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