My Past Weeks in Pictures

I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments and photos with you what I have already mentioned in my post before. I always take way more photos than I actually share on Instagram because it always feels like most people are only interested in selfies and fashion than in what I see around me through my eyes. So I guess my blog is the perfect place to share the moments with people who are REALLY interested in my life and my personality. So if you are reading this here right now with pleasure and heart I have to say thank you, it really means a lot to me ♥

The first photos are from the last four days which I have spent together with a lovely guy from Seattle. We have found so much cool places which I didn't even knew before. We explored art galleries, old houses, went skating as well. It was such a great experience. 
The photos further down are from the week before which I have spent together with my first Couchsurfing mate. On Sunday we hung out in Berlin, went out for great food like sushi and beer, also tried out the typical Leipziger Gose beer for the first time which tastes really strange but amazing! It was such an unforgettable time with him and the best thing - yesterday evening I just booked my flights to London so we see each other again and I can explore England finally! I'm sure I will fall in love with Camden Market :3

Booking the flights was actually a big step for me as it's my first time to travel completely on my own to another country, but I am actually so proud that I just did it. I know so much people who dream about future plans and other things, all the great ideas in their mind but leaving them behind in the little dreamworld in their head, lonely and lost, never knowing if it makes them rich or poor, happy or sad, this suspense would kill me and I'd rather die proud of courage than in a river of own discontent.

So I'm really looking forward to my exciting trip, also feel free to message me for a meet up, a cuppa coffee or something :) Photographers and artists are also very welcome! I guess I'm going to see a few of my internet friends as well which is another big step for me, social anxiety over here, but nothing feels better than overcoming the own fears and being proud afterwards ♥
For me it's only the fear of the fear, everything will become so much easier once you've realised that.

And now enjoy the photos :)


  1. Was für ein toller Blogeintrag! Ich find's richtig schön, dass du mal etwas Persönliches über dich schreibst, denn mich interessiert deine Persönlichkeit sehr (vor allem, weil ich mich mit so vielem, was du schreibst, selber identifizieren kann!). :) Die Fotos sind wunderschön! Richtig mutig von dir deine Ängste zu überwinden und alleine zu reisen! Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit in England, du packst das! :)

    1. Hey Tina ♥ Ich danke dir vom Herzen dass du dir die Zeit genommen hast um mir zu schreiben und mich darüber Wissen zu lassen. Mir bedeutet es, wie schon oben beschrieben wirklich so viel und ich weiß es sehr zu schätzen. Ich hoffe ich kann dir damit auch ein bisschen Kraft und Mut geben, weil du schreibst dass du dich oft mit meinen Worten identifizieren kannst. Vielen lieben Dank nochmal und PS: dein Blog ist auch echt toll! Mach weiter so ♥

  2. Habe deinen Blog grade entdeckt und bin total begeistert.
    Super schöne Bilder :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Oh Hey Dankeschön! ♥

      Liebste Grüße zurück, Kimi