Grace of the Grave

Grace of the grave is said to wander,
And made many on a cold night ponder...
If some dolls die, and then come back,
Do they find in death, what in life they lacked?
- Living Dead Dolls

It's been a while ago since I have written proper lines on here, especially about my personal things and life. I guess the thing is that I prefer to keep my feelings in my heart and my thoughts in my mind. It's also a thing of protection, sometimes I prefer to keep things for myself, not sharing them with the whole world out there but I know that is totally okey. Blogging was a decision of mine and I can define where's the line of my privacy.
Poetry, Philosophy, the world view, the understanding of humanity, I love to write about such things, to inspire people and to make them thinking about my words, with the conclusion to help and to share inspiration, enlighten you a light or just standing in front of a closed door in lack of understanding, no matter how I can affect you, writing out my soul is what makes me happy.

The past weeks were so exciting for me, especially because I have finally found something that has weakened my fear for several things like social situations, travelling and meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone and leaving bad habits. I have started with being active on Couchsurfing and even if I just recently started, I'm totally in love with it. I could already meet a few people, I hosted them here at my home, we spent time together and the conversations were actually so illuminating. All the different people, the stories, the personalities, it's so wonderful and it opens my heart to the wide world out there and I'm finally ready to make steps to new places and countries far away from here. The world is so big and we only live once. 
I'm sure I'll come back to it later and share a few experiences and moments. It's something that I can really recommend you and it's becoming a main part of my life so I want to share my enjoyments with you. I had an american visitor over the past days and it was so awesome again! I'm gonna share a few photos of the days in my next post x

But let's come to this outfit - I teamed up with Morph8ne, an awesome brand based in Thailand. Their clothing actually appears like heaven and hell together to me. I love the simplicity but little details of the clothing pieces, the doll-like grungy style but at the same time with a cute and naughty touch. This oversized sweater is one of my favorite pieces, it feels like it perfectly balanced my feelings on days when I can't decide if I want to wear bright, happy clothes or just black. The material is also so soft and light, it keeps you warm but doesn't makes you feeling sweaty.

I have combined it with sheer black tights(plus run because typical girls problems, especially when you have long killer nails D:) and my new pair of ruby red T.U.K creepers which I have found in TKMaxx, one of my favourite stores :) So happy about my find! I was searching for a new pair of creepers for so long and these are so heavenly! I kinda feel so British in them, perfectly equipped for my trip to London in October and November :3


Grace of the Grave Sweatshirt - Morph8ne
Ruby Red Creepers - T.U.K
Lapis Lazuli Necklace - Ohm Boho

I hope I will spend more time on my blog in future. I can't mention it often enough but I'm way more active on Instagram. It feels like my main platform where I can stay in touch with my close people and friends so take a looksie over there x


  1. Your hair is so pretty, I'm always super jealous! <3 And good job on stepping out of your comfort zone!

    1. Thank you so much for reading babe! ♥♥