I Need More Space


I need more space. Yes this is absolutely true and I was really surprised how it accidentally matches with my currently real life situation. I actually live in a really tiny room, my clothes are overflow and it's really dark and I feel cramped. So that's why I have decided to search for a new small flat for my own where I have more room for myself and where I can finally let out all my real, yet hidden creativity. The imagination in my head is so strong -
 A white, light-flooded room filled with green plants and a cute cacti family on the board of the big window, chains of lights and art of pictures and drawings on the walls, pillows and blankets in different colors and patterns on a pretty wooden floor and on my canopy bed, candles, incense sticks, all what I dream about and seek for caught in one place. Not that it would makes me so much happier and calmer, I would also have a lot of more opportunities for my photography and art. This is what I really need right now and I hope I have the opportunity to open this new door as soon as possible. I want to look forward and make new steps. Changes are important and I am a person who loves them and really needs them. Life is so short and I want to explore as much as possible. One day I want to travel around the world, independent and free, but at first I need to find myself and a home that I never really had before. It's a feeling that I could never ever experience, it's something that I really miss deep in my heart. I hover on a tiny cloud over the black river, close to fall, a home would take place for the missing bridge with paths to enter new worlds, back to reality, back to earth and life.

 I really love to write such things, deep in meaning and full with personal thoughts and feelings. I know not much people will understand it, of course. But I am okey with that as long as I know that it helps myself and I just love writing. I write this for myself but also to inspire people, to share vibes and to be thought-provoking, not to make you understand or to know me.
 No, no one ever will.

But to come to my outfit

This great Constellation Tee is from the brand Shadowplaynyc and as the title already says, they make pretty cool spacy clothes with patterns from moon phases to galaxy prints, printed on great clothing pieces, oversized and comfy! And this shirt here also glows in the dark! I don't even want to know how fucking cool it must be if you are on a party whilst wearing it in the gloomy room, like damn! 

As it's still pretty cold and windy outside, what you can see in the pictures too, I have combined it with a few layers of clothes and a thick color matching scarf to keep me warm but it's a wonderful eyecatcher with it's strong, mainly purple color and special design. I also wear my new Martens which I love to the fullest! And one of my selfmade necklaces with a beautiful wrapped peacock copper that shimmers in golden and purple colors! Like a comet, lost in the endless galaxy :)

Lastly I want to mention something about my makeup. It's hard to see but I have put a little bit red eyeshadow around my corners of the eye, pretty careful and just a little bit to see how it works. I have to say that I really like it! I am not a big fan of makeup as I'm afraid to ruin something or to end up like a Barbie doll but I work on this type and maybe I'll do a little tutorial with close ups and steps for you later :)

Constellation Tee - Shadowplaynyc
Purple Scarf - Calvin Klein
Americana Moto Leatherjacket - UNIF
Wool Cardigan - thrifted
Peacock Copper Necklace - Selfmade
Shorts - DIY
Vegan Leather Boots - Dr.Martens


  1. I love your style!
    And I can understand you totally. I´m in an equal situation and feel as cramped as you.

    Ela von Schattenglanz

    1. Thank you so much Ela! I hope we can both get out of that difficult situation soon ♥