Forest Pixie

On some days I just want to jump into comfy pants without thinking much about what to wear throughout the day. These pretty bohemian harem pants from Bohemian Island are my new favorites, especially because of the lovely pattern where I always have to think about Zelda, the orange spots remind me to the eyes of Majora's Mask and this is why I feel like a little forest pixie in them, wandering around in the lost woods like skull kid while playing Saria's Song on the flute ♥

Follow your ears, follow the sound and you will find what you are searching for ♥

I already own a few pants in this style with different patterns and colors, but this one is definitely my new fave, especially because it's the comfiest one! The material is so soft on the skin, is airy but keeps me warm though!
It also makes me want to start with yoga, but I still have problems how and where to begin. Yoga sessions in these pants would definitely give me an extra boost of relaxing vibes :)

I have kept that outfit simple with black and white clothing pieces, just added my jewelry along with a Buddha pendant necklace so the pants stay in the focus and I mean, the pattern is already pretty enough ♥

Chill Pom Beanie - Stay Creepy Clothing
Hooded Jacket - H&M
Buddha Necklace - Tigermarket
Turquoise Stone Pendant - Thrifted
Faux Fur Keychain - Selfmade
Peacock Harem Pants - Bohemian Island
Black Sneaker - Second Hand(H&M)