I Dream In Kloth and Vintage

My endless love for vintage clothing should be already pretty known to you. I absolutely love to explore the stores and markets with their wonderful hidden gems. I don't even need to find something what I can take back home with me, I just love to spend time between all the crazy clothes and hangers. But to look through an online boutique full of selected unique pieces from another country is a completely new experience for me!

I know that a lot of people complain about the missing thrift stores in their town so this is an awesome opportunity to have the chance to own an original vintage single clothing piece nevertheless. From beautiful patterned blouses to denim jeans and oversized bomber jackets, Kloth has all of them and it's something that you can't find anywhere else!

Besides this absolutely divine brown-golden silk bomber jacket, which you will probably see very often in future as it's one of my new favorite clothing pieces, I got this soft and bright vintage blouse with purplish flower elements matching to the little flower field in the background ♥ and also another one which I'll show you later too! 

Vintage Silk Bomber Jacket - KLOTH Clothing
Vintage Blouse - KLOTH Clothing
Midnight Blue Scarf - Second Hand
Tote Bag and Faux Fur Keychain - DIY
Boots - Dr. Martens

The best thing about such blouses is that you can wear them in so much different ways - buttoned and loose, like a vest with open buttons over a simple tee or a cool band shirt, pouched in your high-waisted jeans or tied up with a knot to a crop top, the ideas are endless!

My dream is it to have an own little online store where I offer vintage pieces like these too one day! People like my friends from Kloth who share this passion with me deserve all my love and support ♥

You can find their boutique on Asos and on Instagram!