WGT 2015 - Saturday in Leipzig

The Wave-Gotik-Treffen(short WGT) is next to the LBM my favorite event here in Leipzig. Luckily I only live for around 5 minutes away from the area so I couldn't resist to take a quick side-trip. The whole atmosphere and the people with their wonderful outfits are so inspiring to me. Trams full with people in black clothes covered in spikes, leather and lace and other creepy cool but beautiful outfits and somewhere in between the older ladies and gentlemen, this is such a funny view but everyone has acceptance and concern for each other what is an unique and wonderful experience ♥ Last year I could already catch some experiences and this year I wanted to share it with you!

Apart from that I want to mention that I will move to my new flat in two days and I will don't have proper internet for around a week. I feel really stressed and excited but I want to focus myself on important things and I want to turn my ideas and plans into practice. My new own little kingdom will also help me to get a clear mind and new creativity :)

I'm not sure but I think I have also seen a few Cosplayer faces from the LBM again here, can you remember her too?

Shoe Envy *x*

Okey this guy is not a WGTler but he's interesting and was so excited to get photographed by me. I love to take photos of special and interesting people, especially to take portrait shots because you can see so much energy and feelings in their eyes :)

I hope you liked it and maybe we see each other next year there!

Also let me know if you find yourself in the pictures, comment or mail me and I will give credit to you

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