Never Grow Up

Hey Guys! I finally have my internet connection back and I'm done with my removal for the most part, it was really spontaneous but I'm so glad about it! Things are so awesome lately and I am really happy, it feels like I float in a huge field of shamrocks :') My flat is still quite empty but I will fill it with furniture, art and life over the next time. Ikea included of course! I have already ordered that little glass greenhouse on which I have laid my eyes for already so long. I want to decorate it with my little cacti plants embraced by a chain of lights!

Anyway, I wanted to show you my stuff which I have received from Trendsgal!
The package includes a golden Star and Moon Ring, The Never Grow Up Totoro Tank Tee and the black Criss-Cross Bikini. Another detailed post about the Bikini will follow where I show you how you can wear and style it apart from trips to the beach!

This is how I have styled the Totoro Print Tank Tee. I wear it over the Bikini which you'll see better in my following post! I love Totoro and Ghibli to the fullest, "We are the Children Who Never Grow Up" shows my true inner childish side perfectly. I normally act really adult and have much knowledge and wisdom but in my heart I will always be the little crazy and clumsy girl from years ago.

Never Grow Up Totoro Tank Tee - Trendsgal
Criss-Cross Bikini - Trendsgal
Flower Print Tights - H&M
Shorts - DIY(H&M)
Studded Creepers - Ebay

Additional to that I love to play video games, especially Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing New Leaf is my love ♥ and I carry it with me all the time, everyday, no matter where am I!

This is the Star and Moon Ring in Gold!

Explore more at Trendsgal and don't forget to use the code "trendsgalitry5" to receive 5% off your order!

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