Printl - a wonderful way to create memories and emotions

Remember one of my posts on Tumblr where I have said:

''I wish the walls in my room would be connected with my Tumblr so when I reblog something it pops up on my wall immediately and I would be surrounded by beautiful and inspirational pictures and quotes all the time, wouldn’t that be a dream?''

Well this is still an unfilled imagination of me, but Printl comes pretty close to it!

You have the opportunity to receive your 10 most liked photos of a month fresh printed on lil cute polaroid cards every month in your mailbox!

You know I mainly publish selfies or outfit shots but it's anyway a good way to have an overview of the past weeks and happenings, the progress and all the wonderful moments! And apart from that it's also an option to use them as kind of postcards and to gift them to beloved people or family members :)

When I have first read about it one story came into my head immediately - 
Imagine you are a traveler and while you travel around the world to explore all the beautiful countries and places you receive mail from Printl in your box every month and when you come back home you have all the wonderful photos from the past months from different countries with you! You can look through them whilst sipping a big mug of coffee, sitting there in peace and sunshine with a big smile on your face and memories in front of your eyes and in your head, isn't that great? ♥

I have attached mine with little store-bought clips on a string on my wall and will add more lines every month. I hope for more space in my new flat where they can shine in pretty new light on a white wall :)

I think it's a really wonderful idea for Instagram lovers like me, even more for people who share their photography and wonderful moments about daily life and friends!

If that sounds good to you I have another good message! If you use the code ''PRINTL70'' you will receive 70% off your order at

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