DIY Tutorial: Grunge Levis Cut-Off Shorts

So, as already mentioned in one of my previous posts I wanted to share a tutorial about how to make your own cheaper and selfmade version of a cool pair of high waisted cut-off shorts. It's also a reminder and point of inspiration for this years spring and summer outfits. Comfy and hot, also a must have on festivals or events like Coachella!

Luckily I could find a great 'Levis 501 Jeans' for a few pennies on the flea market last weekend. It was really spontaneous as I totally forget about the event and have only noticed it in the morning, but anyway, I put on clothes and jumped into the tram. It was pretty quiet this time and not much people were there. Besides this jeans I have also found a cute blue stone pendant which you can see on my photos on my Instagram too!

Now to the tutorial:

Well first of all you just need your jeans and a good scissor. I have used my special dressmaking scissor from my fashion design education, but you can also use a normal one, but be sure it's sharp.

I was so excited I totally forget to take a 'before' pic of the long jeans haha 

At first I have cut off the legs without thinking much about it. I tried them on and have seen it's still too long so I altered and fixed the length with pins and cut it off for a second time.

Important note: If you want to keep the front pockets mind out to don't cut them off too! Otherwise you will wonder why you miss all your stored stuff ;)

The special thing about these kind of cut-offs is that they are very 'V' shaped, some are often very short so you can see like the half of your ass, what doesn't bother me to be honest ^.^ I wanted to keep the back pockets so I have cut the back and front separate and cut the front side a little bit shorter.

Right after it looks really, well, clean and straight but I like it messy and distressed, so I put it into the washing machine and et voilà! the thread ends are loose now and it looks much better!

I couldn't find the time for full shooting and outfit photos yet as I am really busy with planning my future and other things in real life, what I have mentioned in my previous post already, but this photo from yesterday should be okey for now :)

Now you can pimp them up with studs and rivets, patches and buttons, bleach/dye them or you can sew on different materials on the pockets or just leave it how it is.

I have picked out a few examples for you to get ideas and inspiration!

classy but distressed

Lua P. from Le Happy

Shop Audella on Etsy

Nasty Gal

bleached and dyed

Todyefordenim on Etsy


with patches and sewed on materials

Unplugged Studio on Etsy

StudsStripes on Etsy

Luke Vicious

SewOeno on Etsy

(one of my favs! soo cute omg)

with studs and spikes


Cargo Collective

I want to leave mine as they are now but I easily get bored of clothing pieces after a few times of wearing and will probably distress them or want to sew on old patterns, preferably from a cartoon or something else that I really like and what fits to my personality!

I love to wear shorts even in winter over tights

A few years back I have published this photo of another pair of selfmade shorts that I wore along with a winter themed sweater and it was all over the internet so quickly. But most people were like ''What the heck how can she even wear shorts in winter!'' and I was really confused because I mean, damn why not, right? For me it's completely normal

never forget, there are no rules in the fashion world!

I hope you like it! If you want to know more you can feel free to ask me 

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