This outfit popped up into my mind as I tried to style my new vintage denim which I have found on the flea market last weekend. I wanted to make a post about my trip and finds because I am really into flea markets and I wanted to show you how much hidden treasures you can find there! It's my pure passion! ♥ The problem was that it began to storm along with strong rain so I couldn't find time to take photos there and rushed through the street as fast as possible(I'm really weather and cold sensitive >.<) but could take a cool vintage sweater and a denim vest home with me too!
If you are interested and if the weather is hopefully better next time I'll share my experiences in pictures and words besides my founds with you then :)

You know I always have troubles to find fitting jeans, but this baby caught my eyes immediately with it's slim cut and the pretty stripes, high-waisted, great high quality denim, just how an original vintage jeans should be!

Honestly, I had planned to find a cheap small jeans which I wanted to cut off afterwards, also to share a tutorial post about how to create a cheaper and unique version of cut-offs with you but when I showed photos to my sister she literally begged to leave them long, and well, it's hard for other people to change my mind but this time it has convinced me ^-^ But I will definitely search for another simple pair and make a tutorial!


I was really unsure how to name this outfit, it's kinda sporty and vintage but also includes elegant elements, totally strange like always, but a lovely follower from my Instagram mentioned something with 'Beetlejuice' and here we go! That's alright :)

Dusk Stone Choker - Wontyouburnbitch
Fay Eye Test Crop Tee - Motelrocks
Mesh Fishnet Jacket - Monki
Striped Vintage Jeans - Mustang, Second Hand
Waist Bag - Eastpak
Platform Shoes - Ebay


  1. Das Outfit ist so wahnsinnig toll! Wirklich! Und der Titel passt einfach noch viel besser dazu!
    Was das Outfit noch ein stücken cooler macht, als ohne hin!

    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Daannkee freut mich dass es dir gefällt ♥♥

      Liebe Grüße x

  2. I like your blog, because every post is such an inspiration for me! Thank you creating such an amazing place!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. This means so much to me, thank you Diana! I hope I can inspire you with love and creativity further on in future ♥

  3. Wie schwer bist du? Du bist sehr dunn, aber schön. c: ❤

    1. Weiß ich nicht und geht dich selbst wenn dem so wäre, auch rein gar nichts an, Danke und Frohe Ostern :)

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