The Death's-head Hawkmoth

She wakes up at midnight, wants to run with the wolves, so she takes her guts and jumps over the dirty city roofs, right into the world of freedom without all this fucking lies and spoof.

Eyes like a HAWK, wings like a MOTH, free and PERIlous she left society which was never made for her.

Be a rebel, young and reckless, give a shit about other people's opinion, do what you love, it's your fucking life and you make the rules and decisions.

Death's-head Hawkmoth Necklace - PANIKAUA
Crop Tee - H&M
Americana Moto Jacket - UNIF
Boots - Dr. Martens

Okey enough from the words which constantly whirr in my head, the ones which I feel okey to share with the world, most of them are save treasured in my mind or on paper, but let's come back to this outfit! I know I always use strange places to shoot but I mean hey, why not bath tubs? They're comfy and different, you can turn everything into something cool if you just let your creativity run wild and free! 

The thing with the Dr. Martens boots is quite crazy too. I was on the way back home and found them on a side street, for free! Here in my neighborhood there are loads of these 'for free' boxes around the corners, mostly with dishes, clothes, vases and other little stuff, these boots were like reserved for the crazy little girl over here! Two sizes too big for my feet, old and trashy, but good enough to wear them for a rad outfit :) and good enough to make me want to add a new, fitting pair to my shoe collection asap! I owned a white pair a few years back but sold them after a while, now I miss them so much, but next time I will choose the classic black ones ♥

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