Happy 2020 - My New Year's Eve in Wrocław

From me to you once again, happy new year! And let's rock 2020 together :)
I already told you most on my Instagram posts before but like to write a bit more here about last year as well. 2019 was an interesting one. I started working to 100% on my own, met lots of new & sweet people, travelled to Porto, London, Rome, Helsinki, Poland, Munich and a few other cities. I finally feel a lot more comfortable and secure about my travel anxiety and in general can say became a lot less anxious in compare to the year before. To a point where I decided to book Japan for this Spring which I'm SO excited for! It has been a dream for me since forever but didn't feel ready enough yet until now. Besides that I'm going to Barcelona in about less than two weeks as well to Belfast in June to see Rammstein live for a second time. My ultimate goal this year is to move to another country or go away for a while within the third or last quarter. I just need a change. Have been at this place long enough to drain every spark out of it. Life's too short to be at the same place forever. And I'm living for new adventures, the unknown, exploration.

Now a bit more about NYE which was pretty crazy and the new year started with cuddling a snake while being surrounded by other reptiles, spiders, lizards as well a few super kind Polish people. So basically hung out in a little zoo just right over our Hostel how cool is that? We went into the store earlier on the day and met the owner right before midnight again, strolled through the old town with him and his friends and went back to his store for drinks and chills. I cuddled with Rico which is the ball python from the one picture above all night long. Maybe you've seen videos on my Instagram(Where I also had spiders on my hands and other crazy and fascinating creatures). I just felt so in love with the snakes to a point where I decided to safely become an own snake mother in a few years once I settled down in my own place. 
At about 4 am we went back to our hostel room, so a one minute walk upstairs :D 
Wrocław overall was really beautiful too! We didn't have much time to spend there but from what I've seen of the old town and the green it's definitely worth another visit. Or another town in Poland such as Kraków or Warsaw. One thing which I like to mention too is: German always say Poland is known for all the firework and bangers. Well, believe me or not but there it was quieter right after midnight than on the next day when we arrived back in Germany! 
Anyway, I hope you all had a great night no matter what you were up to. And also like to wish you all the best for 2020. Let's make it to another great year full of small and maybe bigger miracles and memories!!



  1. Happy New Year, Kimi! :)

    I saw in your IG that Spain is in your upcoming travel destinations? :O
    Where exactly? I'm from Barcelona!

    Have a nice Monday, my lovely :) Wish you all the best for 2020.

    1. Hey Myriam happy new year baby! <3

      Yes that's true and what a coincidence I'm traveling to Barcelona! Next Tuesday already :O

      Maybe we can meet up or you have recommendations for me? :)

      Have a great 2020 too I'm sure it'll be very important for both of us <3

  2. That's amazing! How long are you staying? Maybe we could meet up for a coffee if you've got time :) Anyway I'll give you recommendations for sure! You should go to the following restaurants: Biocenter, Alma Libre Açai Bar and Quinoa Aragó, they're my favourite! But if you tell me your likes I can personalize the recommendations (about food or whatever).

    My insta is @rooney_salander :)