The Green Witch

Witch Hat - Youvimi
Book & Candles - UrbanLune
"Secret Arts" Bath Bomb - Lush 

Hello world! So it's Christmas time and honestly, I've never felt less in the mood than how it is this year. I'm pretty sure one main reason is because there's no snow AT ALL outside and it's warmer than ever. However I will still go to my "hometown" Rostock to spend the next couple of days together with my sister. And go to Poland on New Years Eve. What are your plans for the festive days? No matter what, enjoy your time with yourself, with your fam or friends 💜 

This shooting here was super fun as I had this image in my mind since a very long time. I got many questions about the book on my Instagram now and can highly recommend to you. If you feel connected to the nature and environment knowing there's magick tickling inside your soul give it a good read and you might find out even more about yourself! Let me know if you have any questions 💜


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  2. Hi Ami Amour !

    Happy New Year!

    Only happiness for 2020
    May it be as conducive to the realization of all your projects…