The Witcher

The Witcher Necklace - EMP
Lace Bodysuit - Femme Luxe similar here
Harness Belt - VII & Co.
Skirt - Vintage similar here(just crop it like I did :))

Just a bit more than a week and the new The Witcher Netflix series is coming out! I'm still a bit sceptical and afraid that it'll destroy my image of the whole story but I'll definitely give it a chance! I've heard the books are insanely good as well, maybe even better than the game? I'm personally just not a reader person myself so unfortunately didn't read them yet and can't tell more. However the game is a bummer! An amazing story line with super funny moments and prologues. Not to mention the huge map with all the quests and opportunities you have. So it's definitely worth to spend money into that game. 
Will you watch the new Netflix series?


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