Blue Lipstick - Lethal Cosmetics
Acid Wash Denim Jacket - Thrifted similar here and here 
Vegan Leather Jacket - VII & Co.
Blue Plaid Skirt - Unzzy
Sorceress Tee - Candy Cult
Thigh High Socks - H&M
Sequin Double Double Creepers - T.U.K.

A bit blue here, a bit blue there, all details on spot but I swear this wasn't planned at all! I'm wondering what other souls think when they grab their clothes for their outfit of the day. Like what do you begin with? Do you go for a color? Or more like what would be the best for the current weather situation? Do you match your clothes to your makeup? Or do you build up your outfit by a specific clothing piece? For me it's that I simply express how I feel. So could never plan an outfit in advance, which can be both positive but negative as sometimes can't feel anything at all so end up searching for something fully in despair. But then sometimes it all matches together in harmony. And I guess that this day here was one of these where I felt the blue straight from within. 


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