Touch of Autumn

Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
Burgundy Cardigan - Second Hand similar 
Hands Tee - Shop Kozy
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - Madlady similar here and here
Fishnet Tights - H&M similar
Vegan Boots - Dr. Martens

Autumn is coming, October is here as well. I can't believe how fast time passes by. It's like it was yesterday when I went to London and now it's already a year ago. I hope to manage a trip in the end of the month or in November since I miss it so much! It wasn't possible to plan anything last month since had to work in Berlin and stuff. For this month a lot of things are planned again too. I will go back to Rostock to shoot for a couple of brands with my sister. Also some projects waiting for me in Köln so we'll see how everything's going. I see it coming again, so much to do but so little time. Anyway, autumn always gives loads of strange feelings and memories, most of them quite sad though. It's hard for me to be on my own when it's cold and dark outside, not to think about the loneliness. I guess that is for everyone who lives alone. Maybe this year this different we'll see :) For now we should enjoy the little and beautiful things of autumn. The colorful leaves, the smell of the fresh air, pumpkin soup hmmh! a hot chocolate and good movies, animes or video games. Halloween is around the corner too yess!! What are you excited about fall?


  1. Your style is really amazing and very original ! I like it ! :)