The Magic of Sunglasses

Hey Guys!

Today I want to review three pair of glasses which I got from WearMe Pro Eyewear. You know how much importance I put into accessories. Sunglasses are definitely one of the most important things. I'm always so surprised about their magic. Like when you put on glasses everything is changing, from your own view to the view from other people. It's funny and so protecting at the same time as they mostly can't see where you're looking at. Also you can hide your face in case you have a bad day or you don't feel like wearing make up at all. It's like with beanies on a bad hair day, so damn helpful! That's why you should always have a range of glasses for every situation in your inventory! Now let me introduce you my choice :) 

The first ones are the Carly Retro Sunglasses in Tortoise. What I really love about these is that the toned glasses are not too strong in color. The frame is also so cool.They are oversized and big but this is what I love about glasses so much. Such an awesome eye catcher! :P I would recommend to wear these along with a simple outfit or your favorite band shirt.

The second model are these Metal Temple Sunglasses which have such beautiful details on the frame. Available in Black and Tortoise.

And the last one, the Sophia Elegant Wire Thru Glasses which are my personal favorite from all of them as I like them the most on me. Available in Black, Brown and Gold.

They all came nicely packaged along with small bags to store them and to keep them safe. I'm really surprised about the quality too since they are very affordable. Each of them is very robust and suit perfectly on my nose!

What is your personal fav of these? Or have you found another great one on the WearMe Pro Website?

Let me know 


  1. These sunglasses are amazing! I love these designs! I agree with you, there is a sense of protection when it come to sunglasses :)
    Lovely photos as well! <3
    Kinga x

    1. Thank you baby ♥♥ They are the best protection x) And it's so much easier than like with makeup or so :D
      Have a beautiful day ♥