Party & Bruises

Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
Mustard Yellow Scarf - Monki
Vegan Leather Jacket - VII&Co.
BZS Tee - Bis Zur Raserei
Matte Pinafore Pocket Skater Skirt - Black Milk Clothing similar here
Frilly Aurora Ankle Socks - Killstar
Vegan Lace Platform Boots - VII&Co.

Party party bruises bruises, yaass! You know it was a good night out when you wake up in the morn with blue and purple spots on legs and elsewhere but you don't know where they are from exactly. This happened to me last weekend when friends from Slovenia and Berlin came over to my place. We went to a Grindcore concert Saturday evening, the first one in my life actually and it was so damn rad! It felt so releasing to dance and to freak out in the moshpit(I tell you even if I don't look like it, I'm a hard rival ;D) We all just had an amazing time and I can't wait for the future action ♥ Next time in Berlin, yass! But speaking about this weekend now I have to say that I just spent each day at home in my bed, sick with a cold and today on Sunday it's still not over :( I hope I will be back on track soon. Loads of vanilla flavored green tea, animes, Pokémon and Brickleberry should help x) 
But what about you guys? What have you done this weekend? :)

Stay healthy and happy ♥ 


  1. Love your outfit and the scarf gives me such autumn vibes! I'm so sorry to hear you don't feel well, hope you will soon hun!!! <3
    Kinga x

    1. Oh I'm sorry for the late reply dear! I hope you are doing well ♥♥