Life is Strange

Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
Grey Crop Top - H&M
X-Harness - Miss Overdose
Black Wet Dream Leggings - Poprageous
Wulfrun Triple Creepers - Underground via Asos

Things are changing so rapidly it's strange. Everything can be different from one day to the next and so it felt and feels throughout this whole month. Thought a huge change will come to me but no it's not the right time yet I guess. I'm fine with the decision I made, I just hope I won't get stuck in my old situation again. I didn't felt in love with the place I wanted to make to my new home, nor with the work I've done. But this is fine and I know what my heart is craving for. I'm going back to my old place but with a fresh start, taking the wonderful experiences I made in such a short time with me. Just because my home is somewhere else doesn't mean that I have to stay there. I can travel anywhere, I am free, and so I will be.

I can't promise anything but I hope I can find happiness and enjoyment
in my future projects and most importantly, I hope you will enjoy it too.


  1. Love how you've styled this harness!!

  2. I am in love the way you are styling harnesses it really makes me want to get one myself!
    Kinga x

    1. I'm sure you would totally rock a harness! Go for it!! ♥

  3. Be free! Dont end up in a trap! Find yourself! I wish I could travel too...
    Anthony Brummett

    1. Really just do it, travel! There's nothing in the way.

    2. But I dont have a Passport.

      -Anthony B