The Little Pixie

Short Hair - Uniqso
Logo Beanie - Long Clothing
WBTBWB Band Shirt - Bought at the Impericon Festival
Oversized Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Eye Makeup - My Makeup Brush Set

Yay Guys! Finally got me my first short wig and I'm so damn amazed by it! Would totally marry myself haha ;P This one here is from Uniqso. Found that website on my own researches which has so much damn gorgeous wigs in their store. Was so hard to decide which one to get me first :') I'm so satisfied with the condition and the fit. I already went out with this one too if you have seen it on my Snapchat or Instagram Story, means I feel totally confident in it! If you order there use my code 'kimiperi' to save money!

I will definitely go for more for short wigs in future. Seriously, I would totally get me this haircut if I wouldn't be so afraid of cutting my hair. Good that things like wigs exist :)

What do you think about short hair on me?


  1. Das sieht so toll aus *-* ich finde dich einfach voll hübsch <3

    1. Aww Dankeschön du Süße!! (*^ -^*)♥

  2. Really loved! I tought it was your real hair :P

    1. A lot of people thought that :'D Thank you ♥