Underground's New Vegan Creepers Collection

Ohh Guys! 
Can you imagine how much I have missed to have my real kind of ground under my feet? I didn't had any big platforms in Berlin with me as they are very difficult to transport throughout a long distance and too big to put them into my full bag. Well, in future I will think about it twice as I feel so complete now again cause my custom made Vegan Wulfrun Triple Sole Creepers arrived finally!

I would like to review them shortly as I also still own the Black Suede Creepers and want to tell you the differences between both 👇

At first I was concerned that the vegan ones could look too glossy or cheap but it's made of high class Lorica material and I prefer the soft surface as the Suede ones collect fluff easier if you know what I mean. All of the Underground Creepers are so robust and you can wear them a lifetime. That is why I prefer to buy them over no name creepers as these fall apart quite easily. My Suede Creepers still look like new and I own them for quite a long time already. These here are definitely worth ever single penny and you pay not more than for the leather models! 

Secondly they are surprisingly much more comfortable and lighter what makes them easier to wear(which isn't a problem to me at all anymore since I sleep in platforms). I would recommend to buy a half or whole size smaller than you usually need but just speaking from my own experience. I normally wear size from EU38-39, depends on the brand of the shoes. I definitely needed a number 38, 39 would be too loose on my feet. Below is a picture of my Suede Creepers.

And lastly they are vegan of course which is the best in combination of all these positive points, there's not a single contra I can think of! I'm really thankful for Underground making these to a part of their range now and I absolutely recommend them to everyone who's obsessed with Creepers! 

Available in single and double sole too in case you want to stay a bit lower to the ground 👌🏻
Also check out the other stuff from Underground ranging from shoes to clothing, books and prints. The collection is huge and so breathtaking!


  1. These look amazing! I need to get a pair! I feel like vegan leather is so much better in quality than real leather. I've recently got vegan docs and they are amazing!
    Great post hun!
    Kinga x

    1. Thank you so much Kinga! And yes that is actually so true! I own the vegan docs as well <3 Lots of people asked me if they are different and to me they are even more better in quality :)

      Much love to you ♥