Denim Days

Moon Necklace - Black Moon
Green Crystal Necklace - Shop Chokers
Print Tee - Petals and Peacocks
DIY Denim Jeans - Monki
Brown Boots - Tamaris(Thrifted)

Hey Guys! This is my first post of the new year and at first I want to wish all of you a wonderful and successful new year(even if I don't think much about that stuff as time kinda scares me tbh) 
I have spend my NYE in my hometown Rostock where I visited my sister and spend time with my friends. It was honestly so freaking cold there, must be the Baltic Sea air, so freezing! I couldn't even wear nice clothes, just jumped into oversized clothes and layers of sweaters. On the way back home I got stuck in the traffic for like two hours with the bus as well and arrived at like 2 A.M. but it was lovely because it's all snowy here and walking alone through the white and quiet streets in the midnight is such a wonderful feeling ♥

Anyway, I'm not a huge lover of jeans but sometimes I feel like wearing one, especially when I can combine it with cool rocky shirts like this one which I got from Petals and Peacocks. The boots are real leather, and this is the point where I want to explain again that I sometimes still wear leather shoes but only if it's thrifted/second hand!(Or shoes which I already own for years) I have found these Tamaris boots on the flea market a few months back for a few little money and I really like that kind of bohemian/country style. Combined with self-ripped jeans and a top hat, not to forget the accessories, in this case a moon necklace from Black Moon and a green crystal necklace from the babe Rui who runs her own shop Shop Chokers please check her out as well ♥


  1. Hello beauty!
    As promised, I drew you, here's the link Hope it at least slightly resembles you :)
    PS: I'll always be a fan of your legs, not to mention the hair color!
    Have a great day ♥

  2. You are so skinny. Love it!!!!! ♥