Grey Crop Top - H&M
Peacock Harem Pants - Bohemian Island
Platform Buckle Boots - Ebay

Harem Pants are life lately. This outfit is similar to another one which I have posted earlier but I just love this combination so much. I got two new pants from Bohemian Island and my first thought was to try it out with platforms again and hella yes, I totally love it! I can also really recommend you the stuff from Bohemian Island as the quality is so amazing. I love the patterns, especially this peacock design and all of thm totally affordable. I'm sure they'll great for yoga sessions. I tried to start with it as well but I'm more the runner. I love to go outside and run as fast as possible ♥
I have also dyed my mane grey and it turned out kinda blueish like a cloud but I like it! It also should be fixed after a few times of washing my hair :) 
I'm sorry that I don't take, let's say, proper outfit photos lately but I feel really unmotivated and the weather is shitty as fuck. It's just too exhausting to go outside in the cold without any help from friends or a photographer. Let's hope that something will give me more opportunities this year.