Spirited Away

Witchy Hat - H&M
Chihiro Spirited Away Print Tee - bought in London
Black Denim Skirt - Monki

I think this outfit speaks for itself - Chihiro is my love and Spirited Away was my first Ghibli movie ever which I have seen on TV when I was very young. All Ghibli movie are wonderful and special in its own way. I have found this shirt when I was in London and I just love it so much! I can also remember my conversation that I had with the cute Japanese lady at the store, she was so lovely and we talked about our favourite animes >^o^< Little moments and happenings like these make living so wonderful ♥
By the way, what is your favorite Ghibli movie?


  1. I love how Chihiro's red shirt pops out in this outfit 😊
    My favourites have to be Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, these were first two films of Ghibli's that I've seen.
    PS. Would you mind if I used your pics as references to draw you? You're so pretty and I love your photos, it would be pleasure to draw you 😊

    1. Thank you so much! ♥ These films are both great, I recommend you to watch the other ones like Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro or Arriety, they are all so amazing and I'm sure you'll love them :)
      And yes if course that would means so much to me! Moreover thank you for asking ♥ Just let me know when you have published something. I'd love to see, maybe repost it as well if that's alright for you :3

    2. I've seen them all, I've just skipped those to which there was no subtitles as I like to watch them with my boyfriend who was really sceptical about anime first but now loves Studio Ghibli, Totoro especially!
      Sure I'll link you, I think I'll write to you before publishing it and try to do it in less than a week as I'm going to London then so... be sure I'll contact you! Thanks so much for permission. ♡
      And have a great New Year's Eve!

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  3. Amazing outfit, love that tee! Happy New Year! X Minale

    1. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!! x