My Passion for Online Shopping

Hey Guys!

One of the most asked question from people to me is where I actually buy my clothes. Well, most of my stuff is from vintage or second hand stores but I also love to shop my things online. Not only because I find so much cool stuff there but I don't have to jump into crowds of people. Online shopping became to something really important in today's world. I simply love to scroll through stores and to find gems between all the different styles. 
I'd love to share my picks out of the shop Sammydress with you. I really like this shop because you can also buy wigs, decor stuff and even costumes, men's and kid's clothes there! Besides that it's totally affordable. 
Maybe you can surprise yourself or your friends with an belated Christmas present ♥

One of my favorite styles in this season are Turtleneck clothes, yes! No matter if we speak about dresses, crop tops or sweaters. They look stylish, makes skinny but keeps you warm at the same time

Turtleneck Sleeve Sweater
Turtleneck Dress

Cardigans and Jackets

very important for every season. Also perfect to create layers

Symmetric Black Hooded Cardigan For Women and for Men
Black Hooded Cardigan
Grey Hooded Cape Cardigan
Fringe Cardigan
Rain Weather Jacket
and a fitting TOTORO Umbrella

Dresses and Tops

a few more things which I have found at Sammydress. Especially the plaid dress is on my list as it looks so grungy and it's perfect to combine with boots and a leather jacket! Also the bodysuit is to die for. Awesome to a high waisted denim jeans or shorts
This Dress
Totally in love with the print
Plaid Shirt Dress
Criss Cross Bodysuit like this or this
Knit Top like this or this

And not to forget Harem Pants

They are so so stylish and comfy. I wear them very often lately!

Harem Pants for the Boy
Harem Pants for the Girl


Platforms are my true love, enough said.

Platform Boots
Platform Wedges

Okey and, well, I got a little bit weak after I came across this D':

Totoro Sweater for Kid's
Racoon Harem Pants
 I want a child now please, seriously! (=゜ω゜)

I hope you enjoy this post and also don't forget to take a look at Sammydress
This is just a small list that I made of my favorite things. There's so much more to explore!


  1. Hihi, die Kindersachen sehen da auch wieder total süß aus. Mich regt das allgemein auf, dass so Mädchenkleidung immer so schön ist. Ich würde es echt kaufen und tragen, aber wenn dann schiebt alles Hochwasser oder ist halt zu eng :( Da hast du echt den Vorteil von deiner Figur :) Du könntest theoretisch in der H&M-Kinderabteilung wüten.

    1. Ja die Kindersachen sind echt sooo süß :) Kaufe aber generell lieber Sachen die oversized sitzen, deswegen würde ich für mich selbst da auch nicht schauen ;)

  2. Nice belt :)
    Maria V.

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