Top Hat - H&M
Skeleton Hand Hair Clip - 8 Cubes of Sugar
Wishbone Skater Dress - Dolls Kill
Sheer Waterfall Grunge Cardigan - H&M
Kitty Tights - Amazon
Platform Boots - Ebay
Angel of Mine Backpack - Dolls Kill

Hair extensions from Vpfashion

Bringing back the White Witch in me with this outfit! 
Got this skater dress from my babes from Dolls Kill and rocking it along with their "Angel Of Mine" backpack. Kitty tights for the cute touch, a matching skeleton hair clip and big buckle boots because they put the whole look on a higher stage! I also wear my sheer waterfall cardigan, it's like my fave clothing piece lately because it's perfect to create layers! I love how it flows softly in the wind when I'm walking through the streets, it's like being embraced by a veil of dark, hellish dust and within the white, heavenly clouds.


  1. Love this outfit so much! ; ; You have the perfect body in the world

  2. Ich liebe es, wenn man diese klobigen Schuhe an einer zierlichen Gestalt sieht! Ehrlich, das sieht wunderbar aus :)

    1. Ja, ich glaube das lieben viele..Dankeschön! ;)

  3. Nice Outfit! Das Kleid find ich richtig toll und die ganzen Accessoires - perfekt :)
    Wie groß bist du eigentlich, wenn ich fragen darf? Dias Plateau lässt dich gleich so groß wirken.