Instagram And Other Thoughts.

I remember back when I decided to create my blog after thinking about this idea for several times. But it's safe to say that Instagram was always the place where I felt the most comfortable and it kinda became to a second home or family to me, sounds kind of creepy but it's the truth. I began to be active there in my worst times and phases. I remember back to the day posting my first photo, got like five or ten likes from strangers and was so happy about every single like or comment. I shared really deep personal things with like only a hundred of people, now I can't even check my comments as they are getting lost in my feed after a few seconds. It's strange how everything has changed, sometimes I miss being a bit more, can I say, unkown?..It might be difficult to understand for people, I also didn't expected it before. I didn't even know that I will come this far one day. Looking back how much I have archieved, considering I did the things to 99% completely on my own, still not much, not enough for my personal claims, never will, but yet enough to be proud about my gained knowledge and experiences. It feels like I raised up with this community and can't even imagine how it would be living without it. Again, it's so creepy and sad but it just became to a relevant part of myself. A life without Instagram, social medias and the internet might be a million times better but it wasn't my choice, it just came like this to me. We have pros and cons in every aspect of life and its happenings, so with living the life of a blogger and internet addict. I'm thankful and happy about the things and people, I have learned a lot about humanity and society, the way of people's thinking, even manipulation, to the other side it has destroyed me and made me sick. I'm still not exactly sure why I write down my thoughts on here right now, probably because I wanna tell you that I'm also a living soul with feelings. I'm not a figure you can harass like how you want to, unless you like to spread negativity, pain and hate. Poeple often forget about that too often, don't think before they type in. We are all different and also beautiful in our own way, from in- and outside, in reality and also through the screen, please always remember that.

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