Vanity Planet Spin Brush

Posting a makeupless photo of myself is honestly really difficult for me. Strange, I can post pictures of myself in underwear with confidence but feel uncomfortable showing my face. I have talked about this already earlier under one of my photos, I am a person who looks behind the wall what also applies to myself but I can see the stories and wounds, afraid of looking into people eyes as they might see the pain. I want to learn to appreciate and to accept me even with my past and current story. We all have flaws, but just because we are trying to restrict to make them to a part of ourselves. Flaws are beautiful once we have accepted them. For example my freckles, I absolutely hated them when I was younger, now I have accepted them and I even wish I had much more! I got this spin brush from Vanity Planet two weeks ago and have tested it out for you -> It's a really helpful tool, not even to clean your skin but to relax and to calm you down. What I want to say is that treating yourself is really important. The sense of well-being, happiness, relaxation, inner balance, all these things come firstly from the inside and not from make up but this brush helps in both, from out- and inside. I honestly don't really believe in all these care products with their promised special effects, I only trust in water and coconut oil ;) but some things like this brush are absolutely supporting, cleanses your skin deep pore and is so refreshing! I can really see and also feel great improvements and will definitely continue to use it regularly! 

You can get yours at and use the code "KimiPeri" to receive 70% off your order x

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